Genius Diaper Cake Airplane Baby Shower Gift

Babies are such a welcome blessing and celebrating their lives with “showers” is a huge part of the pregnancy and childbirth process we look forward to enjoying.  For your next baby shower event, make this adorable little diaper cake airplane.  It’s the ideal gift for a new mom but also doubles as cute baby shower decor.  An old cardboard box, some tissue paper, diapers, and a few rubber bands turn this into an absolutely adorable decoration or gift any new mom would love to receive!

Airplane diaper cake on table

Diaper Cake Airplane

If you haven’t figured it out already, I love making diaper cakes for baby gifts.  They are always so fun to see come to life and I think that the airplane diaper cake may be one of my favorites.  This little bi-plane is just too cute for words!  You don’t need much to make this into a cute gift that also doubles as decor on the gift table.  Plus, it’s super easy to personalize with your own style or to suit the new baby nursery.

Babies are so fun to create for.  I’ve made tons of crochet baby items, sewn baby clothing, and of course, added baby mobiles to nurseries, but these diaper cakes are a perfect project.  I just adore how cute they are and how easy it is for you to customize to fit the baby nursery or party theme.

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Woman holding diaper cake airplane

What Can I Use as the Airplane Base?

I am using just a small cardboard box. Something like a cut off cereal box will work or an empty shoe box.  You can make your own base for the airplane by cutting and taping up a larger box if needed.  You don’t have to be specific for this. 

Another great option is to use reusable boxes.  I love the little ones you can find at the local dollar store or even at craft stores like Hobby Lobby or Michael’s.  The photo boxes I have found at hobby stores make a great base.  They are already decorated, and you can use reusable tape to add the wings and propeller to them so the box can be used to store keepsakes for the baby later down the road.

Airplane diaper cake on table

What Items Should I Add to the Inside of this Airplane?

The obvious addition is to add diapers since it is a diaper cake.  That isn’t the only thing that looks great inside one of these cakes.  Making it useful for the new parents is a huge part of making these gifts.  I love the idea of personalizing them, and below are some super fun ways to add to your airplane “cake”.

  • Add the classic baby bath items like lotions, bubble bath, baby shampoo, washcloths, and a hooded towel.
  • Create a baby first aid kit with things like nose syringe, medicine syringes, fever reducers, gas drops, teething tablets, nail clippers, and similar items.
  • Roll onesies, shirts, pants, dresses, sleep gowns, and socks into rolls and tuck into the box.
  • Add stacks of washcloths, towels, or receiving blankets into the box.
  • Create a new parents’ support box with things to pamper mom like lotions or bubble bath, a favorite beer for dad, or a few “coupons” for a night of babysitting. 
  • Tuck gift cards to Amazon, Walmart, Target, or grocery stores inside between the diapers to help pay for additional supplies needed for the new baby.

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Diaper cake on chair

How Can I Customize This Diaper Cake?

I used basic solid tissue paper and ribbons, but you can make your airplane unique with tons of different additions. There are tons of different ways to turn it into a themed decoration.  Follow the party or even baby nursery theme and add characters to the airplane.  Things like stickers, slogans, or even just simple primary colors and alphabet or numbers will look cute.

I like the idea of also going with something like a favorite military airplane theme or similar to honor family members who may have served in years past.  You could even look to those special events that have flyovers for inspiration for an airplane decoration or accent decor.

Diaper cake in front of cloud paper

Can I Make This Larger?

If you wanted to make this this diaper cake airplane bigger, you can use more diapers and a larger cardboard box for the center. Then make larger wings. This would not only create a bigger display it will also let you add more gifts to the diaper cake. You would be able to add a larger stuffed animal to the airplane too.  Just follow the same basic layout to create your own sized airplane.

Diaper cake on dresser

Supplies Needed

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Diaper cake airplane supplies

How to Make a Diaper Cake Airplane

Cut out cardboard pieces for the wings and rudder of the plane.  A 14″ long by 4″ wide length will be cut for the wings.  Cut a 10″ by 4″ piece for the back rudder and then another 6″ piece on an angle to create a rudder.

Cardboard strips on table

Wrap all of the cardboard in white tissue paper and secure with glue.

Cardboard strips covered in white tissue paper

On each end of the wings and rudder, glue on a piece of solid colored ribbon as an accent.

Adding ribbon to plane wing

Wrap a larger box with blue tissue paper all around leaving the top open but the box completely covered.  I made my box approximately 18″ long, 5″ wide, and 5″ tall. 

Box wrapped in blue paper

Glue the smallest cardboard piece onto the 10″ piece to create the rudder.

Gluing rudder on plane

Attach this to the very end of the blue box with glue.

Gluing rudder on plane

Glue the wing above 4″ from the front of the box.

Gluing wings on plane

Roll one diaper and then roll another diaper over it, repeating with 4 more diapers until you have a bundle of 4-5 diapers then secure them together with a rubber band.

Rolling diapers

Repeat this process so you have two large rolls of diapers.

Wrap a length of polka dot ribbon around the middle of each of these bundles and secure with glue.

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Wrapping rolled diapers with ribbon

Put double-sided tape on one side of the diaper rolls.

Adding tape to diapers

Place one roll on each side of the plane just under the wings and secure with the tape.

Fold or roll and stuff additional diapers into the front of the airplane box.

Adding diapers to airplane


Add in a stuffed animal and more diapers or any other gifts into the box.

Putting stuffed dog in airplane

Glue two craft sticks in an x.

Gluing craft sticks

Add a small flower or another embellishment at the end of each stick.

Adding flowers to craft sticks

Stick a dowel into the front of the box so it pokes outward.

Adding dowel to front of airplane

Glue the craft sticks to the end of the dowel to create a propeller.

Adding craft stick to dowel for propellor

Add additional decorations or gifts to the airplane and wrap or display.

Woman holding diaper cake airplane

More Baby Shower Gift Ideas

I have made tons of great diaper cake ideas in the past and know that you may want to test out some other ideas.  Whether you want big and flashy, classic, or even just simple and fun, below are some great ideas for diaper cakes that you can add to your list of gifts to make.

Crafting Tip

To add a fun look to your airplane that also matches your baby shower theme, check out the baby shower decoration packs you can find on Etsy.  There are tons of great ideas that you can download and print or order and have shipped to add to your decor.

Yield: 1

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Airplane diaper cake on table

Follow this easy video tutorial to create a diaper cake airplane that is the perfect baby shower gift!

Active Time
30 minutes

Total Time
30 minutes


Estimated Cost


Fill the box base of the airplane with your favorite baby shower gifts alongside the diapers.

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Finished Project Gallery

These diaper cake airplanes are also great to hang from the ceiling if you remove the diapers and gifts and just hang the plane.

Diaper cake in front of cloud paper

I love the idea of also adding in a few toy airplanes to this gift for kids to play with and enjoy as they grow up.

Diaper cake on chair

While I used blue, you can easily decorate these with any color paper or even styles you want to add a fun look to the plane.

Airplane diaper cake on table

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