Get an Amazon Fire TV Cube for 50% Off

The Amazon Fire TV Cube is part of the Prime Day line-up, and you should take advantage of the massive price cut. 

Are you finally ready to get your hands on a streaming media player? We know we’ve been eyeing the Fire TV Cube for a while.

Thankfully, with Amazon Prime Day finally here, we’re getting access to some early deals, including the Fire TV Cube!

Start Streaming

The Fire TV Cube is available with a massive discount on July 12th and July 13th, so you have a limited time to make your purchase. The discount, however, is worth the haste!


Please be aware that this is a deal that’s exclusive to Amazon Prime members. If you have not subscribed to Amazon Prime yet, you should do it fast to get this deal and all that are to come. You’ll even get to test the service for a whole month for free.

The Awesomeness of Fire TV Cube

The Fire TV Cube is a pretty nifty device as it is easily one of the most powerful streaming media players on the market, allowing a clean 4K streaming experience.

Not only will the Fire TV Cube give you a better way to control your TV, but it also gives you the opportunity to control other smart devices in your home, including your sound bar, speakers, smart lights, and so on.

Since this is an Amazon device, you can obviously use it with your voice by activating Alexa and asking her for things like turning your lights on and off, playing your favorite band on Spotify, or playing your kid’s favorite show on Disney+.

Talking of streaming, that’s the primary purpose of this device. You’ll be able to stream over a million titles from Prime Video, Netflix, Disney+, Peacock, and all the other streaming services with Fire TV support. Of course, you’ll still have to be subscribed to those to make it work, but that’s something you’d do anyway.

The Fire TV Cube offers a cinematic experience thanks to the 4K Ultra HD technology. It comes with support for Dolby Vision, HDR, HDR10+, as well as immersive Dolby Atmos audio.

If you have a smart TV, this device will take things to the next level, allowing you to control all smart elements in your home from one hub, while adding streaming capabilities to the list.

Best Deals Ahead of Prime Day

Having the Fire TV Cube available for half the price it usually goes for makes this one of the best Prime Day deals we’ve seen.

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