Have You Been Shadowbanned on Instagram? How to Tell for Sure

You don’t have to guess if your account is being restricted on Instagram. This tool lets you check whether you’ve been shadowbanned.

Instagram users seeing a sudden decrease in their post views and engagement may wonder if they’ve been shadowbanned. Luckily, Instagram has introduced a tool that will tell you if your account is no longer being recommended on user Explore pages.

Here’s how to use Instagram’s built-in tool to check whether you’ve been shadowbanned…

How to Check if Instagram Has Restricted Your Account Reach

In this case, shadowbanning refers to having your account reach limited. In the case of Instagram, it will stop showing your content in recommendations if you have violated the platform’s terms of services.

There are a few things that can get you shadowbanned on Instagram, including spam and inappropriate content. But Instagram has introduced a tool to make this restriction more transparent.

The tool is available in the same account area where you can check if you have posts that have been taken down.

This tool is only available to creator accounts on Instagram. So make sure you have a switched to a professional profile if you want to see this information.

So if you’re suspicious that your account reach is being limited, here’s how you can check whether you’ve been shadowbanned by Instagram for sure:

  1. Open the Instagram app. On your Explore page, tap on your profile icon.
  2. On your profile page, select the hamburger icon that opens more options.
  3. Tap on Settings, then on the next page select Account.
  4. Select Account Status.

On the Account Status page you will be able to see if you have posted anything that affects your reach on Instagram. If you have posted something that violates the Community Guidelines or the company’s recommendation guidelines, Instagram will show you a list of the relevant posts. You can choose to Edit or Delete the post, or Appeal the decision with Instagram.

Get Clear Answers on Instagram Shadowbanning

The transparency tool in Account Status lets you get a clear answer on whether your reach is being limited on Instagram. This means you can get a clear answer on if your account is being restricted, as well as why.

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