Here Are the Different Ways You Can View Your iPhone’s Calendar

Did you know you can open your iPhone calendar in daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly views? Here’s how to switch between them.

Before you begin using all the different features on Apple’s Calendar app, it is important to learn about the different views the app offers. There are a total five calendar views available; Yearly, Monthly, Weekly, Daily, and List View. Here’s how to switch between them on your iPhone.

Yearly, Monthly, and Daily Calendar Views

The steps involved in switching between these three views are the same, so we’ll discuss them together.

The Yearly View is a zoomed-out view of entire years and the months in them. The Monthly View is zoomed in a little more and shows you what day each date falls on. You can use it to check out what day your birthday, an anniversary, or significant event will occur. The Daily View takes it a step further and displays all the events in a day along with hourly intervals. You can tap on an event to view its details and change the calendar color to better organize your calendar.

To switch from Yearly View to Monthly View, tap on the month you want to view. Then tap on a date to switch from Monthly View to Daily View. The back button in the top corner will let you change back from Daily to Monthly and then to Yearly.

Weekly View

The Weekly View looks a lot like a timetable, and the layout is a great way to plan out your entire week. To open Weekly View, first go to the Daily View, then rotate your iPhone to landscape mode.

Make sure the Portrait Orientation Lock is switched off in the Control Center if this isn’t working.

List View

This view is a little different from the other options mentioned above. It displays a list of all your events in chronological order, with their dates, days, and times. You can scroll up and down to view the whole list and tap to edit calendar events on your iPhone.

Switch to List View by tapping the icon with horizontal lines and dots in the top-right corner of the Daily View.

Use Different Views to Get the Most Out of the Calendar App

Understanding the uses of all the Apple Calendar views and how you can switch between them is important. Once you do so, you can start taking full advantage of Apple’s Calendar app on your iPhone.

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