How the JEFIT App and Community Can Help You Plan, Track, and Share Your Workout Journey

With the huge range of workout apps available, your mobile device can double as a personal trainer in the palm of your hand, but it’s difficult to choose from all the options. To make the decision easier, you have to figure out your own personal goals. If your goal is to focus mainly on weightlifting, then the JEFIT app may be perfect for you! Find out more about JEFIT and its key features and download the app to try them out.

Weightlifting and Inspiration in the JEFIT App

JEFIT is one of the best weightlifting apps where you can easily plan, track, and log your workouts. It has a massive library of exercises and workout plans, all of which you can customize to suit your needs.

The JEFIT app features mainly weight training workouts and targets users who have goals of either bulking, maintaining, or cutting. JEFIT is completely free to download, but you can upgrade to the Elite membership for a fee. Should you upgrade to JEFIT Elite? Below are the key features to consider before you make your decision.

Download: JEFIT for iOS | Android (Free, subscription available)

JEFIT Workout Plans

Get rid of that piece of paper with your workout plan on it that you bring to the gym. The JEFIT app is there to help you record your sets, reps, weight, and rest time. Beginner or professional weightlifter, no matter what your fitness level is, JEFIT has plenty of workout plans to choose from.

There are some entry-level routines under the My Plans tab to get you started. That’s where you can view all your workouts and the current routine you’re busy with. For more advanced workouts you can browse and scroll through categories such as At Home, Body Breakdown, Interval, and more.

Your Training Routine

Each day of the week has its own routine which focuses on a different part of the body. On Monday you might do chest and back, while on Tuesday you might do legs and abs. You can add more days to a chosen routine or create a completely unique workout plan.

Once you’ve chosen a workout, it’s time to begin. Just before you start there’s a breakdown of the exercises you’ll be doing and the option to add audio cues and tips. All the individual exercises are divided into sets, reps, and weight in kilograms. When you’re done with a set, tap Log Set & Rest and move on to the next exercise. Unfortunately, tapping on your screen repeatedly while you’re working out can get a little awkward. A nice improvement would be to have the audio guide count down the reps and then automatically move on to your rest and next set.

The JEFIT Exercise Library

Not sure how to do an exercise and want to learn? The exercise library on JEFIT is the perfect place to start. Simply choose the body part or muscle you want to work on to find the workout you need.

Tap on the exercise you want to do, and watch a demonstration of the move or read the written instructions. Once you know you’re doing the exercise right, feel free to add it to your current workout plan. In addition, you can filter exercises based on equipment, such as if you’re using the app to work out from home and you only have a kettlebell available.

Possibly the best part of the JEFIT app is the community aspect. Not a lot of workout apps provide a place where members can share motivation, feedback, tips, and workout progress. To join the JEFIT community, tap on Community to scroll through other JEFIT users’ posts to view their gains or share motivation through a comment.

To add someone as a friend, simply tap on their profile. Once you’re on someone’s profile, you can follow their achievements, progress pictures, and Iron Points. As a member, you can earn Iron Points every time you log your workout data, share in the community, and more. The fitness community on JEFIT is genuinely great for those who want an app for finding a workout buddy or encouragement to keep going.

Progress and Insights

You can use the Progress tab on JEFIT to keep an eye on how your fitness journey is going. Your color-coded calendar is under the

History tab and that’s where you can see posted progress photos, notes, or body logs you posted. Additionally, if you scroll down, you can compare your workout streak and weekly points with friends.

You can see a breakdown of your body’s performance as you keep working out and make progress on the Insights tab. You can even track your muscle recovery, body stats, weight lifted, and view an analysis of your muscles. You’ll need to upgrade to the Elite membership to get advanced reports and the ability to customize your charts.

Competitive Challenges

For those with a competitive streak, why not join one of JEFIT’s many challenges? Tap Discover on the app and look for one you like, whether it’s a solo challenge or a group contest. The Beach Body Challenge, for instance, requires you to complete a workout that includes 20 crunches for at least 18 days in the month.

If you complete the challenge, you get an awesome exclusive badge. However, be sure to keep an eye on the important dates as the challenges are only available for a limited time.

Benefits of Downloading JEFIT

Before you download JEFIT, you need to know that it focuses mainly on weight and strength training workouts and doesn’t delve much into other forms of exercise. Therefore, if you’re interested in more cardio-focused workouts, it’s best to look for another exercise app.

Also be aware that most workouts require some sort of exercise equipment, so JEFIT is not the most home-friendly workout app. If you don’t have any equipment, you’ll likely have to stick to using JEFIT at the gym or choose one of the few workout plans based on the equipment you do have available.

Is It Worth It to Upgrade to JEFIT Elite?

A few of the workouts and challenges on JEFIT are only available to paying subscribers, but the free version has all the essential tools on hand for you to create your own workout plan. If you know your way around a gym and have a specific goal, you may benefit from the extra progress monitoring, features, and analytics of the premium membership. Overall, the free version of JEFIT has a great selection of workouts available, and you may not need to upgrade to the Elite version.

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