How to Add a Job Promotion to Your LinkedIn Profile

Got promoted at your job? Here’s how you can show it on your LinkedIn profile.

​​​​​Congratulations on getting that promotion at your job! After you’re done celebrating with your friends and family, remember to add the promotion to your LinkedIn profile. It’s how you can showcase your career progress to connections, prospective clients, and recruiters.

This is a great way to market yourself and build a reputation in your industry. At a time when retaining talent is becoming harder, recruiters are always on the lookout for someone who has proven their loyalty in the past. Here’s how to add your promotion on LinkedIn.

Adding your promotion is one of the best ways to increase your engagement on LinkedIn, since your connections might naturally want to congratulate you for achieving this milestone.

Do note that the steps to add your promotion to your LinkedIn account are almost the same for the desktop website and the mobile app, so you shouldn’t face any trouble either way.

  1. Go to your LinkedIn profile by clicking your profile picture on the home page.
  2. Scroll down to the Experience section, hit the + Add button, and select Add position.
  3. Fill out the details, including your new job title, employment type, company name, location, and starting date, and tick the checkbox I am currently working in this role.
    • Make doubly sure that the company name is correct. Ideally, you’ll see the logo of your company in the drop-down menu; if so, select it. LinkedIn may also prompt you with the same; if correct, hit Yes.
  4. Tick the checkbox End current position as of now. This indicates that you’re no longer at your current position and are starting a new one at your company.
    • If you’re working multiple jobs at a time, select the option that’s relevant to the company you’ve been promoted at.
  5. Tap Save to finish. You’ll see a pop-up confirming that your new position has been added.
  6. Hit Next if you want to share this story with your network as a post; hit Skip if you don’t. Once done, your profile will look something like this.

That’s it! Your promotion has now been added. You can also edit it later on if you wish to add more detail. Regardless, doing so is a great way to promote yourself on LinkedIn.

It’s important to keep your LinkedIn profile updated as you make progress in your career. After some time, you can come back to edit your profile and add a description highlighting your responsibilities, achievements, challenges, and lessons learned in your new position.

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