How to Change Your Profile Picture on Disney+

Should you need to change your profile picture on Disney+, we have you covered with a stepby-step guide.

Disney+ is a great service for families, but that also means that everyone gets to have their own profile. If you want to ensure that everyone has their own favorite shows and movies, you need to create separate profiles that are easily identifiable. And what better way to identify your Disney+ profile than with an avatar of your favorite character?

How Many Profiles Does Disney+ Allow?

Before we even discuss changing your profile image on Disney+, we have to ensure everyone knows how many people can watch the service.

Disney+ allows you to create up to seven different profiles. That includes your own and six additional profiles you can create for your friends or family members.

Each profile, whether created for adults or children, will feature its own watch history and receive personal recommendations based on said history. Please keep in mind that while you may create seven profiles, not everyone will be able to watch Disney+ simultaneously.

How to Change Your Profile Picture on Disney+

Whether you’re just now setting up your profile picture on Disney+ or you’ve been here a while and don’t remember how to change it, we’re here to help you out.

Disney+ offers a versatile collection of profile pictures. They have massive collections with all your favorite heroes and villains from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, or National Geographic. You can choose a Mickey Mouse avatar, go for Simba, Peter Pan, Maleficent, Moana, one of the characters from The Simpsons, The Muppets, X-Men, or even Zendaya. They more or less match the numerous Disney+ collections, which is something you can also learn more about.

Change Your Disney+ Profile Picture on Desktop:

  1. Load Disney+ in your browser and hover your mouse over the profile icon. Once the drop-down menu appears, go to Edit Profiles.
  2. Click the pencil button near your current avatar.
  3. Go through the massive avatar collection and choose a new one by clicking on it.
  4. Once you’ve made your choice, you’ll be returned to the previous menu. Click Done in the top right corner, and that’s it!

Change Your Disney+ Profile Picture on Mobile

  1. Launch the Disney+ app on your device and tap your profile in the bottom right corner.
  2. Choose Edit Profiles.
  3. Select the profile you want to change the avatar for.
  4. Tap your avatar once more.
  5. Choose a new avatar. Disney+ will save your choice and redirect you to the previous menu.
  6. Tap on Done in the top right corner of your screen once you finish editing your profile.

Go for Your Favorites

Whether you’ve chosen your favorite character or just an avatar that somewhat looks like you, you should make them easy to differentiate. If you have kids and want to make sure they only view their profiles, you can implement strict parental controls, too.

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