How to Close Tabs by Double-Clicking Them in Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Vivaldi

Double-clicking a tab to close it can be a neat time-saving trick when browsing. Here’s how you can in Edge, Chrome, Firefox, and Vivaldi.

You can close open page tabs in most browsers by single-clicking their X buttons, using hotkeys, or selecting a context menu option. However, a new way for closing tabs has now crept into a few web browsers.

Some browsers incorporate a feature that enables users to close pages by double-clicking tabs. This is how you can close tabs by double-clicking them in Vivaldi, Edge, Chrome, and Firefox.

How to Close Tabs by Double-Clicking in Vivaldi

Vivaldi has some tech-killing browser features you don’t get in other alternatives. It is one of the few browsers that currently includes a standard setting for closing tabs by double-clicking them. Selecting the Close Tab on Double-click option within the Vivaldi Settings window will enable that feature. You can select that option as follows:

  1. Click Vivaldi’s Menu button.
  2. Select Settings to view options.
  3. Click Tabs on the left of the Vivaldi Settings window.
  4. Then select the Close Tab on Double Click checkbox within the Tab Handling settings.

Now you can close tabs by double-clicking them in Vivaldi. Open a few pages in the browser to try the feature out. Double-clicking anywhere in the tabs with the left mouse button will close them.

Vivaldi also has many other page tab settings and features. For example, you can vertically position, stack, and hibernate tabs in that browser. Check out our guide for using tabs in Vivaldi for more details.

How to Close Tabs by Double-Clicking in Firefox

Firefox’s setting for closing pages by double-clicking them isn’t available within that browser’s standard options. It’s a hidden option you can only enable via Fox’s Advanced Preferences (about:config) tab. This is how you can enable double-clicking for closing page tabs in Firefox:

  1. Input about:config within Firefox’s website address bar, and press your keyboard’s Enter button.
  2. You’ll see a cautionary message upon opening the Advanced Preferences tab. Click the I Accept the Risk option.
  3. Type browser.tabs.closeTabByDblclick into the Advanced Preferences tab’s search box.
  4. Double-click browser.tabs.closeTabByDblclick to set that preference to true.

There’s no need to restart Firefox for that setting to take effect. Open some page tabs at the top of the browser. Then you can close pages by double-clicking tabs, like in Vivaldi.

How to Close Tabs by Double-Clicking in Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge

Unfortunately, Chrome doesn’t natively support this feature. Edge incorporates the feature to close tabs by double-clicking from version 105 onwards. Users will need to upgrade before they can access the feature. In version 105, you can enable that setting like this:

  1. Open Microsoft Edge, and press its Settings (ellipses) button.
  2. Click Settings (the cog button) from the menu.
  3. Select Accessibility within the Settings tab.
  4. Then click the Use double-click to close browser tabs setting on to enable it.

However, you can still double-click tabs to close them in Chrome and Edge 104 by adding the Double Click Closes Tab extension to those browsers. Open the Double Click Closes Tab extension page (linked below) in Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. Then click the Add to Chrome button to install that extension.

Edge users will need to have the Allow extensions from other stores setting enabled to install Double Click Closes Tab. To turn that option on, input edge://extensions/ within Edge’s URL bar and hit Return. Then you can click the Allow extensions from other stores toggle button on.

Note that Double Click Closes Tab doesn’t enable users to close pages by double-clicking tabs in the tab bar. You’ll need to double-click somewhere on the actual pages to close them. Double-clicking any image on a page with the left mouse button will close it.

Double Click Closes Tab also has some additional customization settings. To access them, right-click that extension’s button and select Options. Then you can configure Close/Reopen tabs using and Press this key + clicks to reopen tab settings from there. Click Apply Settings & Close to save.

Download: Double Click Closes Tabs (Free)

Close Open Webpages by Double-Clicking Them

Double-clicking tabs is an interesting new way users can now close pages in Vivaldi, Firefox, Edge, and Google Chrome. That’s a slightly more instinctive method for closing pages in web browsers. So, why not give double-clicking pages a try in Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Vivaldi?

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