How to Customize Your iPhone Lock Screen With iOS 16

The release of iOS 16 added tons of great new features to the iPhone. The most publicized changes came to iMessage, where you can now edit and unsend messages. However, the biggest change is the ability to customize your Lock Screen. Not only can you add widgets and change the color, but you can change fonts and even create additional Lock Screens.

If you want to know how to customize your Lock Screen in iOS 16, this guide will show you.

How to Create a New Lock Screen

To create a new Lock Screen in iOS 16, all you need to do is head to your current Lock Screen and hold down your finger. Once you do this, a customization menu will open. At the bottom right of the screen, you will see a blue plus (+) icon.

Tap this to create a new Lock Screen. Then, the menu will open, and you can select what you want your background to be. You can choose a color theme, photo shuffle, emoji, or any single photo you wish.

Once you select your theme, or what you want your background to be, you can customize it on the next page. You can choose a custom background color as well as fun filters. If you don’t have a photo in mind, there are several websites to find great iPhone wallpapers. You can also continue to customize your wallpaper in settings by going to Settings > Wallpaper > Add New Wallpaper.

Once you’re on the Lock Screen customization page, you should see a section to add widgets. Tap here to choose what widgets you’d like to add to your Lock Screen.

You can add a variety of widgets, including weather, clock, battery, weather, and even pedometer options. This last one is part of the new Fitness app that can help you track your movement throughout the day, even without an Apple Watch. Once you find a widget you like, just tap it to add it to your screen.

Certain widgets appear in certain areas. If you have several widgets, you can move them around to better organize them. To do this, just press the widget to hold onto it and move it around.

You can also delete widgets by holding one down and pressing the delete icon in thecorner of the widget. If you like having widgets on your Lock Screen, you should also consider adding widgets to your Home Screen as well.

Unfortunately, adding widgets to your Lock Screen means you can’t enjoy the new depth effects, which we’ll show you shortly.

How to Customize Your Lock Screen Font

To customize the font on your Lock Screen, just tap on the clock. Once you do this, a menu will open where you can change the font and the color of the clock. There are eight fonts to choose from, as well as a color wheel to select any color you wish.

At the moment, the font only changes on the clock. The widgets continue to be in Arial font. It’s possible that in the future, the font will change on every widget on your Lock Screen. For now, at least, the font changes on the clock still look great.

How to Add Depth Effects to Your Lock Screen

One of the most unique features of Lock Screen customization available on iOS 16 is the ability to add Depth Effects. By turning on Depth Effects, you can make the clock hide behind certain objects in your wallpaper, giving it a 3D feel. It’s possible to do this with some of Apple’s preinstalled wallpapers as well as any object with a clear subject and background from your photo library.

Not all Lock Screen themes have the ability to do this because it doesn’t work alongside widgets. If your theme has this ability, you’ll see the option to enable Depth Effects in the bottom right-hand corner of your Lock Screen’s customization menu.

How to Customize or Delete an Existing Lock Screen

You can use these steps to create multiple Lock Screens on your iPhone. And after creating one, it’s easy to customize it again with minimal effort. To customize an existing Lock Screen, just hold down on your Lock Screen until the customization menu appears. Once this menu appears, you will see a button below your Lock Screen that says Customize. Tap this to open the customization menu.

Here, you can change widgets, the background, the font, and more. Once you’re done it will automatically save.

To delete a Lock Screen, swipe up on it in the customization menu. Once you do this, you will see a Trash icon. Tap this, and your Lock Screen will delete. Before you delete your Lock Screen, it’s important to know that you can’t recover it once it’s deleted.

How to Switch Between Lock Screens

In the same customization menu mentioned above, you can also switch between Lock Screens to change them on the go. To do this, just hold down on the Lock Screen, as previously mentioned. From the screen that appears, just slide your screen to the left or the right to change screens.

You can create tons of custom Lock Screens on your iPhone, one for every situation, and change it whenever you want. You can even link your iOS 16 Lock Screens to different Focus modes on your iPhone.

Apple Finally Lets You Customize Your iPhone Lock Screen

Android devices have always had an abundance of features to customize the Lock Screen. But Apple, until recently, hasn’t had anything except wallpaper options. The iOS 16 update finally gives Apple users something they have been wanting for years.

Aside from the long wait, Apple did bring some innovation to Lock Screen customizing. The ability to change your Lock Screen on a whim is something that Android devices haven’t yet perfected, but Apple seems to have made it simple. So this makes Apple devices the best for those who want vibrant, unique custom Lock Screens that they can change on the fly.

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