How to Fix Ready or Not Crashing With “Createprocess() Returned 570” on Windows

Whether you were ready or not for the game’s “Createprocess() Returned 570” error, here’s how to fix it in Windows.

Ready or Not is already a difficult game to get running smoothly on Windows. So what are you supposed to do when it spits out a confusing error?

Sometimes, when trying to play Ready or Not on a Windows PC, it will throw a Createprocess() Returned 570 error. And while it’s difficult to tell what, exactly, is causing it, here’s how to get it fixed in Ready or Not.

What Is the “Createprocess() Returned 570” Error in Ready or Not for Windows?

This error is relatively common in Unreal Engine games; however, it rarely shows up to the end user.

In the case of Ready or Not, this error message most likely relates to antivirus software causing issues somewhere along the line. Usually, this means that the game’s anti-cheat software is getting removed by a virus scanner.

While rare, this issue has been reported to be fixed by verifying the Steam cache.

If you’re not sure how to do this, it’s worth checking out our guide on troubleshooting Steam games on Windows.

How to Fix the “Createprocess() Returned 570” Error in Ready or Not

If the general Steam fixes won’t work, it’s time to get into some specific troubleshooting tricks.

1. Disable Your Antivirus Software

The quickest way to figure out if your antivirus is causing the issue is to simply disable it.

Whether you use Microsoft’s Windows Defender or a third-party program, disable the antivirus and try running the game. We have a guide on how to disable Windows Defender, but if you use a third-party tool, check its documentation on how to turn it off.

There’s also a good chance that common anti-malware programs could be impacting your game. Check for any and all programs that have the ability to remove files from your computer.

2. Add the Game Folder to the Antivirus Exclusion List

If you’re able to launch the game or join a server with your antivirus disabled, you’ll have to add the entire game folder to your antivirus exclusion list.

How you do this will differ depending on the program you’re using. We have you covered if you need a guide on how to add security exclusions on Windows 11.

One Error Can Mean Many Things

It can be unhelpful when an error message is as vague as this one is, especially so when the error could mean different things.

Thankfully, it’s rare to see this error as a user, and if it’s not your antivirus software acting up, it’s most likely a bug in the game that causes it.

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