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How to Get Started With the Twitch Ads Incentive Program

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Nowadays, content creation isn’t just fun and games. For many, it provides an additional income stream. Online platforms are therefore providing more opportunities for creators to monetize their content.

Twitch’s Ads Incentive Program (AIP) is one such opportunity, but what is it all about? Continue reading to learn more about Twitch’s AIP and how you can get started.

What Is the Twitch Ads Incentive Program?

Twitch’s AIP helps creators get paid for the ads run on their streams through an ad revenue sharing model. The more hours you stream every month, the more money you stand to make in the future. It’s an additional income-earning opportunity for Twitch streamers.

Eligible streamers can already earn money through the Ads Manager—the AIP works differently from it and supplements that income. They can also make money through subscriptions. Curious about how subscriptions work? Read our guide to learn everything there is to know about Twitch subscriptions.

How Does the Twitch AIP Work?

Twitch’s AIP works a little differently from other incentive programs. Twitch sends eligible streamers monthly offers to show them how much they could make, which motivates them to hit their targets. If streamers meet their goal for hours streamed that month and achieve a specific “ad density” from their streams, they receive the predetermined payout.

Streamers get to keep 55% of the net ad revenue for each ad that appears in their streams for that month. The idea is that the Ads Manager handles your ads for you instead of you doing that yourself. No two offers are the same because no two creators are the same. Twitch sends you offers based on multiple factors—including your overall profile, the size of your audience, and the number of hours streamed in the past.

For example, if you averaged 20 hours of streaming in the past month, your new offer will require roughly the same amount of hours for that month. As this is the case, your offers will change as your profile and audience change, like when you get more subscribers. Read these tips to build a bigger audience on Twitch.

That means your offer may be lower or higher, depending on said factors. You will continue to earn income on ads as usual—you don’t have to choose between the AIP and running ads through Ads Manager. Just remember to set Ads Manager to a minimum of three minutes per hour to use the same 55% share revenue model.

If you’ve opted into an offer, and are unable to hit the number of streaming hours needed, you can opt out for that month and take up new offers in the following month if you get them. If you opt out, you will earn a pro rata amount based on the portion of the offer you completed.

Who Is Eligible to Join the Twitch AIP?

Twitch Partners can join the AIP. If you meet the requirements, you can apply to become a partner on Twitch. But before you do that, ensure you grow your audience and follow Twitch’s community guidelines.

There are so many ways to become a top streamer, here are our best tips to make it big on Twitch.

How to Get Started With the Twitch AIP

There is no option to apply to join the Twitch AIP—Twitch sends you monthly offers if you qualify, and you have to opt in. To qualify for an offer, make sure you stream regularly. This will help you earn a consistent monthly income.

To get started, go to the Creator Dashboard > Ads Manager. If you have an ads incentive offer, you’ll see the image below on your screen. Click on the Ads Incentive Program: Offer Available banner at the top.

If you have available offers, they’ll appear on the screen. Accept the offer you want to take on. That’s it. All you have to do is stream the hours you agreed to. The Ads Manager will take care of everything for you, and update to Offer Complete when you’ve clocked your hours.

Earn a Consistent Income on Twitch

For many creators, earning a consistent income through their platforms is the goal. Twitch’s AIP makes that possible. As long as you stream consistently, you’ll get offers through the AIP.

And the more you stream and grow your audience, the more money you stand to make through the program—over and above the income you already earn through Ads Manager. So, focus on growing your profile if you want to become a highly-paid streamer on Twitch.

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