How to Get the Best Amazon Prime Day Deals

Amazon Prime Day 2022 runs from Tuesday, July 12 until Wednesday, July 13. But finding great deals among the piles of discounted products isn’t easy. Here’s how to get what you want for the least amount of money come Prime Day.

Let’s start with Amazon’s Deals Page, which contains all of Amazon’s discounted products.


1. Browse Amazon’s Deals Page on a Desktop or Laptop

The Amazon Deals page allows you to sort and filter discounted items. It also gives you a sneak preview of some (but not all) upcoming Amazon Prime Day deals. For example, if you’re looking for a new laptop charger, it’s possible to filter all items by ticking the Prime Day Early Access Deals box along with the Computers and Accessories box and in the left column.

Unfortunately, many of the best deals are set to go on sale at shortly after midnight. In other words, you may need to stay up late on Prime Day. Fortunately, you can create a watch list of items by tapping on Watch this deal.

If you prefer using a smartphone, you’ll want to install the Amazon Shopping app. It’s almost the exact same interface as Amazon on a desktop or laptop browser, except that it’s scrunched down to fit a mobile screen.

The Amazon Shopping app can also track Early Access Prime Day deals. To track Prime Day deals, you simply run the app and do the following:

  1. Tap on the hamburger icon from the lower-right side
  2. Tap Deals and Savings
  3. Swipe right on the row Shop by category to reveal more filter criteria
  4. Tap on Prime Early Access Deals
  5. Check the box for Prime Early Access deal
  6. You can then choose to monitor a deal by tapping on Watch this deal.

The app has several advantages over using a web browser. First, because it runs on your phone, it can send push deal alerts into the notifications shade. Second, you can make purchases faster from a mobile app, which is crucial for buying discounted, supply-limited products.

Download: Amazon Shopping for iOS | Android (Free)

3. Use CamelCamelCamel to Track Prices

If you want a dead-simple way to track Amazon deals, CamelCamelCamel is one of the best browser extensions around. And it’s available for all major browsers.

Its big advantage is that it installs in your browser, instead of in a smartphone. So if you prefer a more spacious screen, CamelCamelCamel might change how you shop on Amazon.

But aside from size advantages, CamelCamelCamel also comes with one major advantage: it can perform a historical price analysis. That’s a huge help as Amazon Prime Day aren’t always at a great discount. CamelCamelCamel can tell you exactly what the price history is of the item in question.

It works like this: you install the CamelCamelCamel plugin in your browser. Then, whenever you visit Amazon, the plugin injects a price chart into the Amazon product page. If you have concerns about whether you’re getting a good price, you can always refer to the chart.

Download: CamelCamelCamel for Browsers (Free)

Really Simple Syndication, often referred to as RSS, is one of the best ways to stay on top of Prime Day deals.

Many tracking websites publish new deals on an RSS feed for you to subscribe to. Amazon itself used to operate an RSS feed, but has since abandoned it. However, you can still subscribe to the SlickDeals RSS feed.

These feeds are a great way to stay informed through the Prime Day celebrations, but, more generally, RSS can improve your life too. When you’ve found feeds you want to subscribe to, you’ll need an RSS reader, like one of these new RSS reader apps.

5. Discover Reddit’s Deal Finding Subreddits

Reddit (what is Reddit?), the self-proclaimed homepage of the internet, has a number of deal-finding subreddits.

The best subreddits for deal-hunting are:

For those who use RSS, each of these subreddits can be turned into an RSS feed. Just add .rss to the end of any Reddit URL.

6. Use Visualping to Track Amazon Prices

While we’ve already touched on price-tracking apps, there are other ways to get price change notifications. If you’re after a specific product at a particular price, check out Visualping.

Visualping is a site that allows you to monitor changes to specific web pages. So, while it’s not officially a price tracker, it can be used as one. The site continuously checks a web page for any changes and will email you or send a notification when it happens.

Visualping is available on the web, or as a Chrome extension. The Chrome extension enables on-device notifications. If you choose to use the website, you’ll need to enter an email address for change alerts.

One downside is that Visualping doesn’t help you find the best deals, only price changes.

Download: Visualping for Chrome | Web (Free)

Other Prime Day Deal Apps

Hunting down the best deals on Prime Day depends on what you want to buy. For most shoppers, installing an app is probably the most straightforward option. Although, another option is to look through our list of the best Amazon Prime Day deals.

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