How to Plant Real Trees From Your Browser

The effects of climate change continue to make the adoption of sustainable behaviors less of a trend but more of a necessity. One of the best ways of helping reverse the effects of climate change is planting trees.

An innovative way of planting trees around the world is via your internet browser. A tree planting browser or extension can turn your web searches into planting trees on earth. Here are five extensions and apps that will help you plant more trees.

Lots of today’s shopping happens online, making online shopping a significant contributor to climate change.

Online shopping facilitates our consumption with a few clicks. The frictionless acquisition of items keeps many consumers from considering the environmental costs associated with their purchase.

EcoCart encourages online shoppers to use its extension to mitigate the environmental impacts of their orders. The company’s eco-friendly online shopping browser extension enables consumers to offset their carbon emissions for free by shopping at participating EcoCart stores.

The carbon offsetting feature helps make online shopping a greener option than shopping at some physical stores. With a single click at checkout, you’ll help fund verified carbon offset projects, like planting trees, depending on the exact environmental impact of your order. You’ll also earn EcoPoints which you can redeem for gift cards at selected stores.

To use the extension, download and install it in the browser. Then, when shopping at select merchants, the extension pops up. Clicking on the pop-up makes your order carbon-neutral.

EcoCart also calculates the carbon footprint of your order and then automatically offsets its impact by donating the amount required to verified carbon offsetting projects at no extra cost to you. The funds used are the commissions EcoCart earns from brand partners; over 10,000 brands work with the company.

If you want to save the planet, time, and money while shopping online, Verdoo might be your best bet. Verdoo is a web app and browser extension that helps consumers to fight climate as they shop online.

The free tool allows online shoppers to reduce its carbon footprint for free. Verdoo also connects shoppers with the best deals and discounts from its over 10,000 partner retailers.

To use the tool, sign up, add the extension to your browser, and start shopping at your favorite store. Verdoo will automatically find the best offers and apply discount codes during checkout.

The deals’ platform will then show the number of trees it can plant to offset your carbon footprint. Trees are registered in your account once planted.

For every successful purchase, merchant partners send some commission to Verdoo. The organization then uses the earnings to plant trees. Verdoo currently works in partnership with Eden Reforestation to plant trees around the world.

If you’re looking to offset the carbon footprint of your streaming, This Song Plants Trees will help. This Song Plants Trees has a 31-second audio clip that the creator asks listeners to include in their playlist.

Listeners can stream the song on Spotify, Amazon Music, Qobuz, and other streaming services. You can also share the link to the song on social media so that every time listeners play it, they contribute to planting more trees.

Streaming the audio clip will earn the creator some income, and all the revenue goes to planting trees. For every 100 or so streams, the organization will plant a tree.

The audio clip has over one million streams, and its creator has donated 10,000 trees. The trees are planted in Madagascar, Kenya, and Mozambique to the Eden Reforestation Projects via Trillion Tree Campaign.

Many people get distracted easily and fail to focus on daily tasks. If you fall into this category, consider using Flora to improve your productivity.

Flora is a free focus-keeper and goal-tracker tool that helps improve your attention to tasks. The app encourages and rewards you for deliberately trying to stay off your phone. It also blocks distracting apps for a predetermined amount of time, so you can focus on more important things.

Flora lets you stay focused alone or with friends in group challenges. It blocks distracting social media apps, games, and notifications.

While paying attention to the task, a virtual tree will be planted in the app. You’ll also unlock new trees.

Rewards for getting off the phone include an option to plant digital trees or use in-app purchases to plant real trees around the globe. Flora also includes an option you can set up so that when you kill a tree in the game, you pay to plant a real tree in the world. Staying away from your phone also saves battery, making your daily life more eco-friendly.

If you’re looking for an extension to help you accomplish more each day and build positive habits, Forest might be for you. The tool can help you beat internet addiction and stop procrastination, all while doing something good for the environment.

The extension aims to lock you out of specific sites for a set amount of time and focus on the task at hand. The popular productivity tool allows you to block distracting websites and includes an option to check your metrics to see if your self-control is improving.

With Forest, you can blacklist websites to stay focused on your computer. You can also add any websites you don’t consider “distractions” to a whitelist and access the whitelisted sites without killing your tree.

To use the tool, add the extension to your browser and set a timer to plant a digital tree. The tree grows as you continue to work, but it will die if you open websites on the blacklist.

Forest lets you earn virtual coins every time your tree fully grows uninterrupted. You can redeem the coins for more plant species or allow Trees for the Future to plant real trees in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Plant Real Trees With Browser Extensions

Planting trees is one of the simplest solutions to climate change. The good news is that there are several extensions that allow you to do good or support the environment.

This article lists extensions and apps that allow you to plant trees without having to go out and plant one yourself physically. All of the platforms we covered partner with tree-planting organizations to plant real trees on earth.

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