How to Use Auto Text Expanders in Chrome to Speed Up Browsing

Text expanders can save you a lot of time and patience with repetitive jobs. You can even have them on your browser to help with any typing you do online.

Can’t think of how you’d use them? Here are several ways Chrome’s best auto text expander extensions can benefit your browsing, making it easier and faster.


1. Autofill Google Searches on Chrome

If you use Google’s search engine a lot, you can create shortcuts for the text you use often. The first text expander you should check out is Magical, which lets you develop an endless supply of shortcuts for single words or whole paragraphs. And it’s free.

Among its many uses is the power to speed up your Googling by autofilling your most common phrases like “what does”, “who is”, or “definition”.

Combine Magical’s tools with other tips and tricks for mastering Google search to make your research much faster.

Download: Magical (Free)

2. Fill Out Forms and General Info Automatically

How many online forms do you complete each day? Text expanders can fill them in for you once you’ve created the necessary shortcuts or snippets.

Text Blaze, another great extension for autofilling text while browsing on Chrome, offers a very smooth system for creating and using snippets. You can create whole folders full of details or phrases you always use for sign-ups, questionnaires, reviews, or any other form.

Any text you need, from your name and address to your signature and current date, can simply appear with a few strokes of your keyboard.

Download: Text Blaze (Free, subscription available)

3. Take Notes Online With Text Expanders

Whether you use OneNote or free online sticky notes tools, notetaking while browsing is easier than ever, especially with Google Chrome autofill extensions like ProKeys.

First, you create snippets of your favorite phrases, simple ones that you can remember. Then, go to your online notetaking app, type in a snippet, and hit Shift + Space. The snippet will expand into its assigned phrase.

When it comes to ProKeys, you take these steps with each snippet, meaning you can’t write a bunch of them and use Shift + Space once to expand them all in one go.

Other Chrome extensions work differently or faster, so make sure you explore as many as possible to find the best for the job.

Download: ProKeys (Free)

4. Autofill Code on Your Browser

You’ll come across more professional autofill apps like TextExpander, which caters to big or small businesses and their teams. Its wide range of tools comes at a cost, but you can try them out using its 30-day free trial.

Among its many collaboration, analysis, and text expansion features is the option to create snippets of JavaScript, AppleScript, and Shell Script code.

So, if you’re into programming while browsing on Chrome, you can add the TextExpander extension and autofill any text you need to complete algorithms quickly.

Download: TextExpander (Subscription required, free trial available)

5. Improve Your Online Communication With Text Expanders

If you use your browser to communicate with friends or clients, text expanders are a great solution for writing messages. They can autofill sentences you use often, while you pay attention to any original stuff you want to say.

Since TextExpander specializes in smooth collaboration, keep it in mind for chatting, composing emails, and creating social media posts.

Not only can you create several complex snippets, but you can also share them with your team. This way you can all use the same phrases when talking to each other, expressing common workplace complaints, or communicating professionally with customers.

Download: TextExpander (Subscription required, free trial available)

6. Use Autofill to Speed Up Your Blogging

Some bloggers prefer to write their posts straight on their browsers. It saves time and lets you stylize each piece as you type, instead of pasting the text in from Word, for example, and having to make changes.

A text expander is useful here, too. There are standard calls to action or contact details that appear on blog posts, which you can create shortcuts for on autofill apps.

Another text expansion service you should get to know for Google Chrome is FlyMSG. It’s free and easy to navigate as you set up folders of handy snippets—or FlyCuts—for your blog.

It doesn’t matter if you’re blogging on Medium or WordPress, just type in your shortcuts and your browser’s extension will automatically replace them with the relevant phrase.

Download: FlyMSG (Free)

7. Write Marketing Materials Faster With Auto Text Expanders

Whether you run a business or blog, a good marketing strategy is essential to succeed. Alongside Chrome extensions for digital marketers, pick an add-on for autofilling all that written content that will put your brand on the map.

A text expander can help you produce newsletters, adverts, press releases, and more without leaving your browser. Think about the language, words, and phrases that would look best on such materials. Then, use any of the services above to prepare your shortcuts.

You can start promoting your brand without worrying so much about the written part or how long it will take you.

Personalize Your Google Chrome Experience With Auto Text Expanders

The more efficient your browser is, the more you’ll enjoy using it. Auto text expanders are smart and beyond useful as they can speed up every part of your online writing, whether you’re filling in forms, posting articles, or just chatting.

Explore other ways Chrome extensions can improve your user experience. Aim to make the platform as fun and practical as possible.

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