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How to View Your Doorbell Camera on the Amazon Fire TV

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One of the great features of Amazon’s Fire TV OS is the ability to view your home doorbell camera on your Fire TV.

Keep an eye on your porch in full screen or picture-in-picture alongside the content you are viewing. It’s perfect when you are waiting for food delivery or if you want to be sure there’s no one there while watching a scary movie.


The Fire TV can display what’s happening outside your front door, so there’s no need to look at a phone or other screen. Here’s everything you need to know.

What Fire TV Models and Video Doorbells Are Compatible?

This feature works with any Alexa-enabled doorbell camera, including the popular Ring doorbell. Other cameras from manufacturers like Blink and Arlo are also compatible.

The Fire TV must be running Fire TV OS7 or newer. Models include: Fire TV Cubes, Fire TV Stick 4K, Fire TV Stick 4K Max, Fire TV Sticks (second-generation and later), the Fire TV Omni Series, Fire TV 4-Series, the Nebula Soundbar—Fire TV Edition, and the Toshiba M550 Series TV.

How to Ready Your Doorbell Camera to Connect to Fire TV

No matter the doorbell camera brand, the procedure is the same to get started with Alexa. Before you begin, set up the doorbell camera according to the instructions in its guide and app.

Once you’ve created an account and completed the video doorbell setup, connect the camera with the Alexa phone app:

  1. Open the Alexa app for iOS or Android on your phone and tap More.
  2. Tap Add a Device.
  3. Tap Camera.
  4. Choose the doorbell camera brand.
  5. Add the camera to its app.
  6. Go back to Alexa app and click Next.
  7. Tap Skills & Games.
  8. Next to the Search icon, type the camera brand.
  9. Tap on the brand.
  10. Enable the skill by tapping on Enable to Use. (Note that in the screenshot, this has been previously set up, had it been the first time this button would replace the settings button).
  11. Log in to the account you used to set up your doorbell camera.
  12. Tap Enable Skill and Link Accounts.
  13. After enabling the skill, tap on Discover Devices.

Alexa will enable all devices of that camera brand, so if you have indoor cameras by the same manufacturer, it will add them too. If you don’t want the other cameras connected to Alexa, tap Forget next to its name to remove it.

If your doorbell device does not appear after tapping Discover Devices, say, “Alexa discover devices,” or tap the devices icon at the bottom of the screen and try again.

Viewing a Doorbell Camera on Your Fire TV

There isn’t a specific app to view your doorbell camera on your Fire TV. You’ll need a Fire TV that can connect to Alexa. Press the blue Alexa button (or microphone) on an Alexa voice remote to ask, “Show (name of your doorbell camera.)” Alternatively, ask an Echo speaker that can control the Fire TV, “Alexa, show (name of your doorbell camera) on (name of Fire TV).”

Initially, the camera’s live view will appear full screen. Click on the Minimize to P-I-P icon to reduce the size of the camera view. Press your remote’s microphone (or Alexa blue button) to speak to someone at your doorbell. If you use an Echo speaker to start the view, the microphone will be disabled.

Long press the home key to control picture-in-picture. You can close it or take it full screen. The sound is muted in picture-in-picture as it assumes you are watching something else.

Alexa commands to manage the doorbell camera feed include:

  • “Show (video doorbell Device Name).”
  • “Show my (doorbell nickname).”

To stop the live video feed, you can say:

  • “Hide (video doorbell Device Name).”
  • “Hide (doorbell nickname).”
  • “Stop.”
  • “Go Home”

To manage the picture-in-picture view of your doorbell camera, use these commands:

  • “Switch to full screen.”
  • “Switch to picture-in-picture.”
  • “Minimize to picture-in-picture.”
  • “End picture-in-picture.”
  • “Dismiss picture-in-picture.”

An advantage of buying a Ring Doorbell is that the picture-in-picture will automatically display on your Fire TV when there is a Ring notification. That’s as long as you have it set up to notify you when there is motion or when someone rings the doorbell.

How to Get Doorbell Notifications on Your Fire TV

Ring integrates with the Fire Tv and other Alexa devices because it’s part of Amazon, so the doorbell view will automatically appear when someone rings it. But other brands can notify your devices when the doorbell rings.

To turn on Doorbell Chime notifications:

  1. In the Alexa app, tap the Devices icon.
  2. Tap All Devices at the top of the screen.
  3. Choose your Video Doorbell
  4. Slide the toggle to turn on Doorbell Press Notifications. You can also turn on Motion Announcements, but you’ll want to be sure that you don’t get dinged every time a car drives by. Here’s how to avoid accidental motion triggers on your video doorbell.

Answer the Door on Your Fire TV

When the doorbell chime notification comes in, you can answer it from your Fire TV. Be sure the microphone is on—you’ll see a microphone off icon on the screen to turn it off. Press the Alexa blue button or microphone button on the Fire TV remote to speak to your visitor.

Play Recent Recorded Motion Clips on Your Fire TV

Many doorbell cameras offer premium subscriptions that record video when it senses motion.

The Fire TV can show recent recordings from your video doorbell with these commands. Press the blue Alexa button and say:

  • Show me the last activity from (doorbell name), or show me the last recording from (doorbell name.)
  • Fast-forward or fast-forward 10 seconds (or 1 minute).
  • Rewind or rewind 10 seconds (or 1 minute).
  • Pause
  • Play

If you have a Ring doorbell, here’s how you can save video from a Ring Video Doorbell for free.

Common Issues and Troubleshooting Tips Video Doorbells

If after giving a command, it’s taking more than 30 seconds for your video doorbell to show a live feed, check your battery on the camera.

If you can’t connect to the video doorbell (or there is a long delay before it connects) from your Fire TV or other Echo speakers, you may need a Wi-Fi booster or mesh networking system to improve the wireless signal to your front door.

Also make sure and check that the software on your Fire TV and on your video doorbell are the latest versions.

Convenience of a Doorbell Camera on Your Fire TV

With video doorbells and the Fire TV, viewing who is at the front door is no longer a luxury item. And you don’t even have to get up from watching your movie, grab your phone or find your Echo Show.

When you need to keep watch for someone, whether it’s a delivery or a friend, you can continue to watch your show without it interfering. Viewing your doorbell camera can give you peace of mind.

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