ILIFE Robovac Prices Get Slashed By Up to $90

Robot vacuums from ILIFE are so much cheaper on Black Friday, so grab your own!

Postponing to get a robovac until Black Friday certainly pays off as these prices are going to make you put one in your cart right now! Robot vacuums from ILIFE have their prices cut by nearly 42%, so it’s something you should definitely look into.

If you want a robovac, they have plenty of options, but they’re are also robot mops on the deals list, which will sweep and then mop up the dirt.

Get the Best Black Friday Deals for Your Home

ILIFE is pushing some of the best prices for its products for this Black Friday, so you really shouldn’t miss out on saving a lot of money while still buying your favorite products. Let’s see what deals we loved from ILIFE.

Deals starting on November 21st:

  • ILIFE V3s Pro: Get it for $99 (down from $159.99)
  • ILIFE A10: Get it for $229.99 (down from $299.99)
  • ILIFE V8s: Get it for $139.99 (down from $219.99)

Deals starting on November 24th:

  • ILIFE V80 Max Mop: Get it for $179.99 (down from 249.99)
  • ILIFE V3S Max: Get it for $167.99 (down from $239.99)
  • ILIFE W400S: Get it for $169.99 (down from $229.99)

All deals end on November 28th, so make sure to make your purchase before then!

Pick Your Favorite ILIFE and Have It Clean Your Home

We’re tired of always sweeping the floors, vacuuming, mopping, and all that. There are so many other things we could be doing instead, like other chores, work, spending time as a family, relaxing, and so on. With so many cool robovacs on the market today, that’s easier than ever, especially when they’re so cheap!

ilife vacuum product photo


Perfect for pet owners, the V3s Pro from iLife will help pick up all the loose fur, dust, and everything else that may be on your floors.


Collection Capacity

Suction Power

The ILIFE V3s Pro is one of the best products we have today, certainly a favorite among buyers. It’s super easy to use as you only have to push a button to get it going. It is short enough that it can get under furniture, and the lack of a roller brush means that none of that pet hair will get tangled up. It knows to detect stairs and other obstacles and can easily go up and down carpets.

iLife V80 Max

iLife V80 Max

If you want to vacuum and mop out your floors at the same time, the Life V80 Max Mop is the perfect solution.

Dustbin Capacity
750ml (dustbin), 300ml (tank)



The V80 Max Mop is also a fabulous option, as it can both vacuum and mop your floors. With a 750 ml dustbin and 300 ml water tank, this model can clean out your entire house. It has a 2000PA suction power, so no dirt will evade it. It comes with technology that protects it from bumping into things or dropping down the stairs, and it can also avoid getting tangled up in wires. At $179.99, this is a great price point for this model.

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