Jabra Cuts Prices by 20% Ahead of New York City Marathon

Some of Jabra’s most popular earbuds are getting their price cut this week.

It’s about time you upgraded your earbuds, isn’t it? If you want to get a new pair of earbuds to listen to music while you’re out and about, then Jabra is the place to go.

Not only that, but you’re lucky right now, because as the famous New York Marathon draws closer, you’ll be able to get a special-occasion discount.

Gear Up for Running

Jabra is celebrating the New York City Marathon with a special 20% discount code that’s going to be available between October 31st and November 6th, 2022.

  • Elite 7 Active: Use JabraRunNY coupon code and get it for $143.99, down from $179.99
  • Elite 4 Active: Use JabraRunNY coupon code and get it for $95.99, down from $119.99

These are two of the best earbuds in the Jabra arsenal so you’ll want to check them out and purchase the one you feel like it would fit better with your style. You only have a few days left, as the New York City Marathon is on November 6th, which is also when the deal ends.

Pick Your Favorite Jabra Earbuds

The Jabra 7 Active are awesome earbuds that are not only great for listening to music but they’re also waterproof and sweatproof, so you’ll get to work out without fear of the buds getting ruined. You can even run a marathon with them on, like the New York City Marathon. The earbuds use the ShakeGrip technology, which means they were built to stay in your ears no matter how hard you work out, so they’ll definitely survive your runs.

The earbuds feature 6mm speakers so you will listen to crystal-clear sound with them on. They also feature adjustable ANC. This means that while it can block out the noise around you, you can also adjust the levels so you can listen in to the environment when you deem it necessary, especially for safety reasons. The battery will last you for about 8 hours of music playing (with the number going to 30 hours if you count the energy stored in the case). That’s more than enough for any marathon.

The Elite 4 Active are also awesome earbuds with similar features to the 7 Active model. The battery life on these earbuds, however, runs up to 7 hours, with a total of 28 hours with the charging case. A 10-minute charge will give you 1 hour of playback. The dedicated app will help you adjust your music equalizer, the treble levels, and so on. Plus, you can hook up your Spotify account and get to control the play buttons by tapping your earbuds instead.

Don’t Miss Out on This Deal

Getting the Jabra earbuds with 20% off is absolutely fabulous, so now’s the best time to get yourself a new set you can use while working out.

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