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The many companies with which we all have accounts have a massive amount of cybersecurity responsibility. However, another big chunk of that responsibility lies with ourselves, as we have to make sure that our passwords are secure. In fact, over 80% of breaches are due to a failure to secure passwords, credentials, and other personal information.

A secure password consists of a random combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and special symbols. Secure passwords are hard to crack, but they’re also quite complicated and nearly impossible for humans to remember. So what’s a regular person to do?

Keeper has the answer – a cool password manager that will make your life much easier by remembering all those long, complicated passwords for you.

What Is Keeper?

Keeper is a password manager that will keep all your passwords, payment info, files, and more at your fingertips while securing them from cybercriminals.

The Keeper Password Manager comes with KeeperFill, a handy tool that can randomly generate strong passwords and then automatically fill them into login forms on all of your websites and apps.

In addition to storing your passwords, you can also use Keeper to scan and store payment card information so that you can pay for your goods faster when you’re shopping online. No more hunting for your wallet to get your card out every time you want to buy something online!

And that’s not all! Keeper can also protect your sensitive files, including documents, photos, and videos, which you can place into your secure, encrypted Keeper vault.

Keeper also allows you to easily and securely share your passwords and files with anyone you want. It’s a great way to ensure that everything you send over the internet is encrypted, and that your sensitive data can only be accessed by the people you want accessing it.

One of the coolest things about Keeper is that you can sign up for a family plan that covers up to five people in a household. This means that each member of your household who is enrolled on your account will get their own personal encrypted Keeper vault, in which they can store their own passwords, data, and so on.

Family and other household members are the people who know us best, which means they are likely to have information that could help cybercriminals hack our accounts. When you ensure that your entire household is secure, you’re less likely to fall victim to cybercriminals. Additionally, you and your household members can easily and securely share passwords and files with each other.

Grab an Amazing Keeper Deal

There are so many advantages to having a password manager that signing up for Keeper is a no-brainer. Imagine all of the time you’ll save, plus the potential hassles of having your accounts broken into and your identity stolen.

Best of all, Keeper has an absolutely awesome deal for you. Check this out:

Let’s take a quick look at what you get with a Keeper Unlimited plan: unlimited password, identity, and payment card storage; fingerprint and face ID login; secure record sharing; and round-the-clock support.

The Family plan includes everything in Keeper Unlimited, plus up to five private Keeper vaults for you and other members of your household.

Half Off? Now That’s a Keeper!

Your passwords are the only thing standing in between you and cybercriminals, so using complex passwords and keeping them secure is of the utmost importance. Keeper gives you everything you need to secure your passwords and digital identity, so you can surf, shop, play games and do whatever else you want to do online with confidence.

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