Repurposed Soda Can Flower Planter

I love flowers of all kinds, and succulents are included in the list of plants I enjoy.  Sometimes, however, a real plant isn’t convenient.  So, this repurposed soda can flower planter is ideal for those of us who want the look of flowers but no pressure to care for them day to day.  A unique fake planter is made from an upcycled and painted empty soda can.  It’s ideal for showing off fake flowers, but can be used for small amounts of real flowers!  Whether you are looking to add a splash of color to your home or your office, this is sure to be a perfect way to do it!

soda can planter with fake succulents on white table with cream brick wall in the background

Soda Can Flower Planter

Do you like plants but don’t have the time to take care of them? This is the perfect product for you! The soda can flower planter is a beautiful way to add some life to your home or office. You can use it to hold fake or real plants, and it’s made out of an upcycled soda can so it’s environmentally friendly.

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It’s easy to customize with your favorite colors and can be used for real or fake flowers or plants of many kinds.  I love this for these cute little succulents but can definitely see making a few of these with flowers of different colors and styles to line along the mantle or even on a shelf in my office.  And since it’s easy to take care of, you’ll be able to enjoy your plants without worrying about them dying.

If you have a lot of soda cans and want something different to use them for instead of just recycling, check out this huge list of DIY ways to recycle soda cans into something unique!

white soda can with red dots as a succulent planter on table with wood background

What Size Can Should I Use? 

The best part about this project is that you are making something beautiful with something upcycled. But, the next best thing about this project is that there are no set rules. I love that you can use whatever size can that you have on hand. Depending on what you can use, you might need to adjust what you place inside of the can to make sure it fits properly.

For this taller planter, a 20-ounce to 24-ounce can is perfect.  You can, of course, use a 12-ounce can, or even an 8-ounce can for a tiny planter.  Just use what you have on hand to make this planter.  There is no need to go out and buy something new or different than what you have on hand. 

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succulent planter made of soda can on grass

How Can I Make Sure There are No Sharp Edges?

If you are using a can that has been used before, make sure to clean it out completely and let it dry.  Rinsing out any residual soda or alcohol from the can is a must so it doesn’t start smelling. 

Once the can is clean, you’ll follow directions to cut out the side to create the planter.  To get rid of the sharp edges on that area, use a bit of sandpaper or simply go back over it with a knife to trim off anything jagged.

white and red soda can planter on stump

What Paint is Best for an Aluminum Soda Can?

I alternate between acrylic craft paints and spray paint when working with soda cans.  Both offer good coverage and are typically affordable.  In this instance, the detailed red dots require something more exact.  So, craft paint was the best choice for this planter. 

If for some reason your can doesn’t seem to let the paint stick well, you may want to brush a piece of sandpaper over the edges to roughen the exterior a bit.  Not a lot, but just enough to add texture for the paint to cling to. 

woman holding soda can planter in front of window

Can I Use This For Live Flowers?

Absolutely!  What you add to the planter will depend upon the size can you use.  However, it is great for both real and fake flowers and plants.  I prefer the maintenance-free look sometimes when life is busy and I know I won’t always be there to care for my flowers. 

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If you choose to put a real plant into the can, poke a few holes in the bottom for drainage.  Add a layer of soil, then the flowers.  When displaying this, I would add a small tray beneath the planters to catch any excess liquid from watering the plants. 

woman in gray and red holding white and red soda can planter

Supplies Needed

soda can fake greens knife and paint on white table

How to Make a Soda Can Flower Planter

Rinse out your soda can and let it air dry before you begin making your planter.  Then, fold a piece of white paper in half, and lay the soda can on the table right beside it.  Use the soda can as a guide to mark the paper about 1″ from both the top and the bottom of the can. 

hand tracing shape on white paper next to blue and yellow soda can

Now, use a marker or pen to connect the sides you just marked creating an arch on the paper. 

Cut out this arch and unfold it.

hand cutting white paper with gray scissors

Now, you will place it against the can, and use it to trace around the can where you want to cut.  This is going to create the open space of the can for planting your succulents. 

hand tracing onto soda can with black marker

Carefully cut out the can side using scissors or a craft knife and smooth the edges. 

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scissors cutting schweppes can

Now, you get to paint the can.  Cover the entire outside of the can with white paint then set it aside to dry.  Give it at least 30-minutes, but make sure it is no longer tacky before you paint anything further. 

hand holding blue paintbrush against soda can

Once the can is dry, use a paintbrush to coat the top and bottom of the can with red paint.  You want to cover the tab and all of the top of the can as well as the bottom edge.  You do not have to paint the actual bottom of the can. 

red paint on top of soda can

Let this dry if desired, then use a round brush or the end of a pencil eraser, to dot red polka dots all over the can.  Put them randomly around the can until you are satisfied with the look. 

hand holding pencil to paint red dots on white can

Next, use the same brush or eraser to add dots all around the very edge of the opening of the planter. 

hand holding pencil to paint red dots around white can

Set the can aside to dry for another 30-minutes or more. When the paint on the soda can is completely dry, then you can use hot glue to place your selection of fake succulents on the inside bottom of the can. Continue adding until you are happy with the look. 

hand gluing fake greenery into soda can planter

You can make just this one, or make multiples in different colors and designs to hold succulents, flowers, or even use for a real herb garden. 

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succulent planter made of a coke can on white table

More Easy Planter Ideas

I love both real and fake flowers, and that means I like a variety of options on hand.  If you want more inspiration, check out some of the fun ideas below that are ideal for a variety of different flowers, both real and fake.  Make sure you take a moment to bookmark these ideas, print out the tutorials, or just pin them to Pinterest to make soon. 


Yield: 1

red and white soda can planter by cream brick wall

Make an adorable repurposed soda can flower planter that is ideal for displaying a few of your favorite succulents!

Active Time
30 minutes

Additional Time
1 hour

Total Time
1 hour 30 minutes


Estimated Cost


This can be made with any sized aluminum can.

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Finished Project Gallery

red and white painted soda can planter with succulents

If using for real plants, punch a few holes in the bottom for water to drain. 

white and red succulent planter on white table

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