Save Up to $240 on a New Robovac

Before Black Friday, we have the Thanksgiving Day sale from Yeedi, slashing prices left and right.

Are you ready to make one of the best purchases of your lifetime? Black Friday may be soon, but on Thanksgiving Day you can get yourself a brand-new robovac. While it’s too short notice for it to be delivered in time to help you clean up before the family arrives, you can certainly put it to work all through December and many years afterward.

Yeedi is coming in with a ton of cool discounts you’ll want to get your hands on simply because they’re absolutely fantastic! Saving you hundreds of dollars and helping you keep your house clean? Yes, please!


Yeedi’s Thanksgiving Day Sale

Yeedi is saving us up to $240 this Thanksgiving Day. We know the day is going to be busy for you, but do make the time to get on Amazon and throw your favorite in the cart so you can order it!

yeedi vac

Yeedi Vac

$179.99 $299.99 Save $120

If you a cheap robovac with a lot of power, the Yeedi Vac is the right solution for you, especially since it has 3000Pa.

Dustbin Capacity

Battery Life
110 min

Compatible Devices
App, Alexa, Google Assistant.


This Thanksgiving Day, the Yeedi Vac is down to a mere $179.99, saving you a great deal on the purchase. This may be the cheapest option on today’s list, but it’s one of our favorites for good reason. The Yeedi Vac robovac comes with a massive 3000Pa strong suction power, it can smartly map the entire home, and you can edit any areas later on. Plus, you can use the app to schedule cleaning jobs, set virtual boundaries, and so on.

Yeedi Vac 2 Pro

$299.99 $449.99 Save $150

The Yeedi Vac 2 Pro is an excellent addition to any home, cleaning up your floors from any type of dirt and debris.

Dustbin Capacity
450ml (2.5l with Vac Station)

Battery Life
220 minutes


Then, one of our favorites here at MUO is the Yeedi Vac 2 Pro thanks to its oscillating mop. Now you can enjoy dust-free and clean floors, with up to 240 minutes of runtime. You won’t even have to worry about touching the dustbin for a few weeks. In addition, if you want to go completely hands-free, you can check out our detailed Yeedi Vac Station review if you want to get all the info on this one.

So go ahead, make the time, and get yourself a Yeedi robovac to help with the chores!

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