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Simple Repurposed Plastic Bottle Bird Feeders

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Looking for an easy and fun way to attract more birds to your backyard? Then check out these great plastic bottle bird feeders! Made from recycled plastic bottles, these feeders are a great way to help the environment while also providing a safe and convenient place for birds to eat.  The kids will love helping you make them, and seeing them eat will make them even happier!

plastic bottle bird feeder in tree

Plastic Bottle Bird Feeders

Enjoying nature and taking care of wildlife are two things that go together. If you love watching the birds and want to attract more to your yard or garden, you want to make these DIY plastic bottle bird feeders. You are getting a lovely garden decoration that serves a purpose, keeping the birds fed, as well as recycling and keeping plastic out of the trash or worse, the oceans.

If you want to add even more to your yard, check out this cute upcycled tin can bird feeder or this super easy craft stick bird feeder.  The kids will love helping you make these!

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plastic bottle bird feeder hanging under swingset

What Size Bottle Should I Use? 

You can use whatever size plastic bottle that you have. I like to use a larger bottle, such as a 2-liter bottle because it lets me add more feed as well as lets bigger birds come to eat. When using a smaller bottle, the bird feeder is smaller and only lets small birds like finches eat.

Of course, you can use a variety of sizes from the basic 8-ounce to a 2-liter bottle, and add all sizes to your trees or garden for the birds.  Making several means you can put different seeds into each one!

plastic bottle bird feeder being held by woman

Can I Paint These? 

Usually, the plastic bottle is clear so you can decorate it any way you like or just leave it clear and add the rope trim as I did.  I love the idea of matching the bird feeder to things like the porch railing, shutter color, or even the color of your front door.  Of course, if you paint the feeder, it won’t make any difference in what birds are attracted to it but will make you like seeing it just a little bit more. 

TIP: If the paint doesn’t stick, rub the outside of the bottle with sandpaper to add texture and make it easier for the paint to stick. 

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plastic bottle bird feeder in tree with rope trim on top

What Should I Use to Hang Them? 

The main concern when hanging a bird feeder is that what you use is strong enough to hold the weight of the holder and the seed.  I have used rope, yarn, string, twine, and fishing line in the past.  Of course, a nice heavy-duty rope works best for heavier options.  Then you can hook it to a metal hook or hang it from a branch. 

Whatever you choose, make sure it is strong.  You have to consider the weight of the bird seed as well as the weight of the bird itself.  If the hanger is not strong enough, the bird feeder will not be able to stay in place and can fall when the birds land on it.

plastic bottle bird feeder with blue lids in tree

How Can I Customize My Bird Feeders?

There are all sorts of ways you can customize your bird feeders. You can add different types of seeds, use different colors of paint, and even add some extra features like a perch.

One way to attract different kinds of birds is to offer different types of seeds. Each type of bird has its own favorite food. By offering a variety, you can attract more birds to your backyard.

  • Finch – Sunflower and safflower seeds
  • Blue Jay – Cracked corn or peanuts
  • Cardinals – Sunflower seeds
  • Goldfinch – Thistle seed
  • Hummingbird – Sugar water
  • Oriole – Orange halves or grape jelly
  • Woodpecker – Peanut butter

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You can paint designs on the bird feeder or add stickers with Mod Podge. Besides adding paint to the outside, you can also add things like glitter, beads, and sequins.  If you decide to add a perch to the bird feeder, use something like a dowel rod or you can use things that you find around the house. You can use a pencil or a stick from your yard.

plastic bottle bird feeder with blue lids in tree

Supplies Needed

craft knife, bird seed and screw on table with empty bottle

How to Make a Plastic Bottle Bird Feeder

Remove labels from the bottle then clean it well and set it aside to dry.  Then, cut both of the bottles in half.  Keep the lid ends of the bottles and discard the bottoms. 

yellow craft knife being used to cut plastic bottle

On one of the bottles, you will cut it down to about half of the cut size so it is more shallow but still has an edge and a lip on the side. 

Glue rope around the edge of the smaller of the two pieces to create a cover over the cut edge. 

black and white rope being glued around edge of bottle

Now, use a soldering iron to create a hole in both of the lids of the two bottle halves. 

soldering iron being used to make hole in top of blue bottle lid

Using a long screw, push it through the bottom of the smaller bottle piece and add a nut on the bottom side to hold it into place. 

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hand screwing bolt over screw

Then, screw a nut over the top of that long screw, and screw it down about 2 inches. 

Place the top piece with lid side up, over the screw.

woman screwing bolt over top of blue lid on bird feeder

Now, add an L-hook or similar hanger around the screw on the top for hanging the bird feeder from a tree or post in your yard. 

Lastly, add a bolt over the top holding the hook into place above the top of the feeder. 

Now use fishing line or twine and ty to the hook for hanging. 

hand holding bird feeder above table

Fill the base with birdfeed before hanging it in a tree or on a hook in your yard. 

woman holding bird feeder

More Easy Craft Ideas

If you want more fun things to add outside to attract animals and birds, we have some great ideas for you.  Below are a few more ideas that you will love adding to your crafting list.  Make sure that you bookmark these ideas, print out the tutorials, or pin them to a Pinterest board to make soon. 

Yield: 1

plastic bottle bird feeder in tree

This adorable empty bottle bird feeders craft is perfect for kids to help you attract birds to the yard! A fun summer upcycling craft idea!

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Active Time
30 minutes

Total Time
30 minutes


Estimated Cost


Make these in various sizes to create a variety of unique bird feeders around your lawn and garden.

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Finished Project Gallery

bird feeder hanging between wood beams on swings

Add dowels on both sides of the base for the birds to perch. 

bottom of bird feeder with rope trim

You can even paint the bottle different colors if you want it to match the garden decor. 

DIY bottle bird feeder in tree

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