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Some Popular But Confusing Instagram Hashtags, Explained

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Are you #confused by all of the hashtags on Instagram? With a barrage of #instagood, #l4l, #f4f, #photooftheday, and #igers on every social media post, you’re definitely not alone. So what does #fmspad mean? What is #bhfyp’s full form? And what does #iamtb stand for?

In this article, we explain the meanings of various Instagram hashtags. That will help you use them to gain views and likes on your posts—all without annoying your followers.

What Does #instagood Mean on Instagram?

#instagood is a widely used hashtag which you should only use on your very best photos. In short, it signifies that the user is especially proud of the photo.

But in practice, many use it on almost any photo. Why?

The obvious reason is that people like every photo they take, so each must deserve the hashtag. The second is that #instagood actually originated with an Instagram account (@instagood) which uses the hashtag to feature the best photos. They also promote a second account, @2instagood, and prompt users to use the secondary hashtag, #2instagood.

What Does #instamood Mean on Instagram?

Very much like #instagood, #instamood is also connected to an Instagram account which primarily features photos of flowers, animals, and sunsets. The account is rarely updated, however, so it’s not especially worth a follow.

Such is the nature of hashtags that you don’t need to follow a specific account in order to use #instamood. Use the #instamood hashtag if the photo you’ve taken reflects your mood. In practice, all photos reflect some kind of mood, so #instamood can always be applicable, meaning it’s widely used.

What Does #photooftheday Mean on Instagram?

This isn’t a meaningless hashtag used by all in an attempt to give more importance to average images. Like many other popular hashtags, it’s connected to an account.

The moderators of @photooftheday find one image each day and share it with the account’s sizable number of followers. Obviously, the chosen photo must bear the #photooftheday hashtag.

Businesses can also use the hashtag to inform followers that they intend to use the platform every day, attracting a dedicated readership. You’ll also see a variation of this, which is #picoftheday.

What Does #igdaily Mean on Instagram?

This is similar to #photofotheday, albeit with less gravitas. #igdaily means you’re either sharing content every day (add #igdailypic or #igdailyphoto to make this clear) or that your photo includes something that you do daily.

Share a part of your normal routine. Tell people about your exercise regime. Let your followers know what you love doing frequently.

What Does #igers Mean on Instagram?

This is one of the more obscure hashtags, but #igers simply means “Instagrammers”. If you tag your photo with this hashtag, it means you’re using Instagram.

It should go without saying, yet the hashtag became popular as a means to build a community. This gave rise to the @igers account.

What Do #tbt and #throwbackthursday Mean?

#tbt and #throwbackthursday are two of the most popular hashtags on social media, but what do they mean?

Throwback Thursday is a great way to wallow in nostalgia by posting old photos. Often, these pictures are selfies to show how much you’ve changed in the intervening years. The main problem with this hashtag is that it’s sometimes used as part of those copy-paste hashtag lists, and the photos it’s used on have nothing to do with Throwback Thursday.

It’s so popular, it’s spawned a #flashbackfriday sibling, which includes similar content (for those who missed their opportunity the previous day).

What Does #motivation and #motivationmonday Mean on Instagram?

#motivationmonday first came to prominence on Twitter, used to share inspirational quotes for workers to start a new week feeling energized. It’s used similarly on Instagram, as is #motivation, although the latter is increasingly used on photos of people at the gym or exercising elsewhere.

Of course, not everyone is motivated by others flexing their muscles, so some users attach the hashtags to images of people working on laptops.

What Does #fmspad Mean on Instagram?

This hashtag stands for Fat Mum Slim Photo A Day, and is a challenge set by the Fat Mum Slim blog. Every month, a list of daily hashtags is revealed and anyone taking part needs to think creatively to take the best related photo they can. Be as literal or as figurative as you like. Interpret the hashtags however you wish.

Although it began all the way back in January 2012, it remains popular with Instagrammers who keep up-to-date with the latest hashtag challenges. Keep an eye on related hashtags, #fms_, #fmsphotochallenge, and #fatmumslim.

What Does #bhfyp Mean on Instagram?

#bhfyp is automatically generated by, and means Best Hashtag For Your Post. The site is a research tool to get more likes and followers on Instagram, particularly useful for brands and would-be influencers. #bhfyp is listed last in your posts if you use the service. It’s one of many techniques you can use to increase followers, including learning when’s the best time to post content.

If you search for the hashtag, you’ll certainly see an eclectic mix of posts!

What Does #iamtb Mean on Instagram?

Given that TB also stands for tuberculosis, this isn’t the ideal hashtag, but it’s an increasingly popular one used by people on vacation.

It means I Am Travel Blogging, so tag this in snaps of exotic locations—although you should do so after you come home or you risk your security by alerting people your home’s empty. Following this hashtag is a way of seeing the world without leaving the comfort of your living room.

What Does #instagramhub Mean on Instagram?

Think of #instagramhub as the main hub for all sorts of content from all sorts of users. Use this hashtag to attract attention by reaching a wider audience. It’s something many Instagrammers add to every post.

Search #instagramhub and you’ll see a mix of selfies (which some further hashtag as #me), inspirational quotes, travel photos, art, and animals.

What Does #jj Mean on Instagram?

This is another hashtag that builds a community, this time around photographer, Josh Johnson (@jjcommunity). #jj is just one in a long list of similar hashtags (e.g., #jj_forum, #jj_daily) which are used to enter all kinds of contests, and to simply become part of this community.

What Does #iphonesia Mean on Instagram?

#iphonesia has grown exponentially, but there’s some misunderstanding over what it actually means. Some use it as “iPhone amnesia”, as in an image you’d forgotten you had taken. However, for most Instagrammers, it’s used to build the social media community in Indonesia. Certainly the latter meaning gains credence as it has spawned an account, @iphonesia.

What Does #dogstagram Mean on Instagram?

Search for #dogstagram or #dogstagramming to find lots of pictures of cute dogs. Looking at gorgeous puppies should tide you over for quite some time. You don’t need to participate yourself if you want to keep your Instagram private: you can just scroll to your heart’s content.

What Do #l4l, #likeforlike, #lb, and #like4like Mean on Instagram?

There are several variations of these hashtags, all widely popular. In a nutshell, using them on a post means you’re going to like someone else’s photo in exchange for them liking one of yours.

Did 30 people like your photos? You’re going to have to like a photo posted by every single one of those users too. It’s tedious, but if you’re really desperate for likes, it’s one way to get them.

A similar hashtag is #f4f, or #follow4follow, which means you will follow back anyone who follows you. It’s a good way to gain more followers on Instagram.

What Does #tfl Mean on Instagram?

This has multiple meanings, one of which is Tag For Likes, similar to the above #l4l variations. Some of these use #tflers instead.

If you live in the UK, however, it means Transport for London, so you’ll typically see pictures of the underground. Elsewhere, inspirational quotes tagged #tfl stand for Tips For Life.

Instagram lets you add up to 30 hashtags to every photo, making it one of the most hashtag-heavy networks available. The copy-and-paste habit of many users also helps the disproportionate proliferation of hashtags on Instagram. Nonetheless, they’re useful to curate content and keep track of the latest developments and interests.

Instagram can be a confusing place, but it has lots of benefits, including letting you stay in touch with friends and family. But all these hashtags have been co-opted by businesses, so expect to filter through lots of spiel before you find social media gold.

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