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Stay Ahead of the Weather With These 11 DIY Projects

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The weather has been fluctuating wildly in recent years due to global warming. Some days it’s all pleasantly sunny and warm enough to hit the beach, but as soon as you get used to it, it switches to chilly, thunder-infused rainy conditions that make you want to ignore all responsibilities for a day and cuddle up with your pet.

You are in good company if you are tired of being constantly caught up in ever-fluctuating weather conditions. You can now stay ahead of the weather with these 11 DIY projects.

1. Weather Candle

Light up this DIY weather candle and you can instantly tell not just the weather but also temperature conditions. It’s Raspberry Pi-controlled to change color based on outdoor temperatures and weather conditions.

When it’s windy, it glows in a warm white flame; when it’s cold and snowy, it switches to a cool white glow. When it’s raining, it lights up in a reddish, orangey glow, so you’ll know to take an umbrella when you finally step outside. Besides weather detection, this candle can also double up as an excellent décor accessory similar to these stunning DIY projects that can instantly make your room more interesting.

Check out the Instructables guide to build this weather candle. To help you get started on this project, here is where you can buy a Raspberry Pi.

2. Weather Forecast Cloud

Another excellent way to stay ahead of the weather is by building this unique weather cloud. It runs on a Raspberry Pi Zero and, like the weather candle above, it also changes color based on weather conditions. It glows red when the weather is warm, gold when it’s cold, and blue when the weather is constant.

If you see it flickering around, you better layer up because it’s either going to be rainy or snowy at some point during the day. And if you have the time and supplies, you don’t have to stick to a single cloud. Make as many as you find fit, as shown in the Instructables tutorial.

If you love this project, check out the best Raspberry Pi IoT projects that will definitely tickle your fancy.

3. Weather Station With E-Paper and Raspberry Pi

Hate looking at your phone for weather updates when you wake up in the middle of the night or early in the morning because it hurts your eyes? Build this e-paper weather station, as shown in the Hackster guide, and you’ll never have to check your phone again.

It features an e-paper display housed in an acrylic enclosure and can switch between white, black, and red depending on the weather conditions. It’s aesthetically pleasing enough to display on your nightstand or coffee table. You can add it beside any of these awesome DIY alarm clocks to start off a great morning.

4. Miniature Weather Station

Wish you could tell how the weather is in your best friend’s city without checking the weather app on your phone? This miniature weather station can help. Based around an ESP8266-12E Wi-Fi board, it downloads and displays weather data from the internet, so you don’t have to go searching, and you can toggle it to display the weather data for any location.

It also has a temperature and humidity sensor for indoor weather detection and, as the name implies, it’s so compact that you can pocket it and bring it wherever you go. The Instructables guide does a good job explaining the step-by-step process of completing this project.

5. Tweeting Weather Station

Global warming is changing the world, and so is pollution. If you are tired of witnessing its negative impact and wish there was a way you could easily raise awareness, consider building this tweeting weather station, as explained in the Instructables guide. It is an open-source environmental monitoring device that will put you ahead of the weather and simultaneously keep you up to date with:

  • Your carbon footprint
  • Noise levels in your area
  • Pollution levels

It features three layers of technology:

  • A hardware board with weather and environmental-detecting sensors to detect temperature, air composition, pressure, and sound levels.
  • An Edison board to receive, process, and transfer weather data
  • A third layer which connects to the internet using a wireless module mounted on the Edison board.

6. Weather Clock

Prefer a more practical approach to weather detection? This weather clock built on Instructables might suit you needs. It has an LED interface to display both time and weather, and it is housed in a unique 3D-printed case, but you can always find an alternative enclosure you think works best for your situation.

7. Arduino Temperature Display V1

Imagine a device that detects whenever your refrigerator door is open? It would be a total game-changer! Well, that’s precisely what following this Hackster guide will get you. It detects and displays the current temperature along with light levels. As a result, it comes in handy not just when you need to tell the temperature in the room you are in, but also when you need to know things like how hot your fireplace is or whether your computer devices are overheating.

You can always incorporate additional sensors, such as humidity or altitude detection, to expand its capabilities. Here are some more Arduino radio projects you can easily complete during your free time.

8. Wearable Weather Watch

Smartwatches are all the rage nowadays because they can tell the weather and monitor essential body stats like heart rate. However, they are pretty pricey. Luckily, you can always build something close to one, such as this unique weather watch. It monitors stats like air pressure and temperature to accurately forecast the weather conditions you should expect that day.

It’s also wearable and reflective, which means it can double up as a reflective accessory if you are always outside after dark. Check out how to build it quickly in the Instructables guide.

9. Weather Forecast Beacon

A weather beacon is a device often mounted on tall buildings to forecast the local weather in color-coded flashing lights. It’s typically massive, but you can always model a smaller version for personal use. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, check out the Instructables project for the supplies you’ll need and the step-by-step DIY instructions.

10. Steampunk Weather Monitor

Fancy some steampunk designs? This steampunk weather monitor is just what you need to stay ahead of the weather. It runs on a Raspberry Pi Zero and has an e-paper display, meaning you can comfortably check out its weather forecast even under direct sunlight. And, as illustrated in the Instructable guide, it has a pretty straightforward build.

11. Solar Weather Station

Do you need an off-grid weather station for camping, hiking, or mountain-climbing adventures? This solar weather station fits the bill. As the name implies, it relies on solar power, meaning no more worrying about power outages, and runs on Raspberry Pi to ensure highly accurate weather data regardless of where you might be using it from. Check out the Instructables guide to build this project.

Staying Ahead of the Weather

You don’t have to wait for Mother Nature to surprise you with her untimely showers when heading out and about. Simply try building any of the DIY weather stations and weather forecasting gadgets above and you’ll always know whether to anticipate rain, shine, or gloomy weather when you step outside.

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