The 11 Best Rainmeter Weather Skins

Rainmeter allows you to add lots of different widgets to the Windows desktop. Choosing a good weather skin can give you a more detailed, attractive, or accessible way to check the forecast.

Here is our pick of the best-looking and most useful weather skins for the Raimeter customization tool.

Why Has My Rainmeter Weather Skin Stopped Working?

Many Rainmeter weather skins and plugins grab meteorological data from or a similar weather service. They do this by linking to the API keys that were available when the skin was created.

Whenever these weather websites changed their APIs, some Rainmeter weather skins stopped being able to collect and display weather data. And if the skin was no longer being actively maintained, that situation would not change.

Some hugely popular weather skins experienced this problem, and the number of working weather skins fell sharply. Thankfully, there are still some great weather skins to be found.

If you want to give your desktop a simple look instead, take a look at the best minimalist Rainmeter skins.

The Best-Looking Rainmeter Weather Skins

If you want your weather information displayed with a bit of class and elegance, then look no further. These unique, well-designed weather skins are useful without filling your desktop with stats and numbers.

1. Radiance Weather

The Radiance skin combines a lot of weather information with a clock in a nicely designed circular widget. You can choose between a 12-hour and 12-day display, with easy-to-understand weather icons letting you can check the forecast at a glance. There aren’t a lot of customizations available, but you can choose between a transparent or semi-transparent background.

Download: Radiance Weather

2. SketchyWeather

The Sketchy weather skin displays a limited weather forecast but uses a unique and beautiful sketch style. It looks like a meteorologist has doodled on your desktop. The weather icons are well-designed and easy to understand, although only three days of data are displayed. You can choose between black or glow versions to suit light or dark desktop wallpapers. Weather location and units of measurement used can also be edited.

Download: SketchyWeather

3. Weather Desk

Weather Desk is a deceptively simple weather skin that can be customized to show one, three, or seven days of forecasts. The weather icons are simple and unobtrusive, sitting on a transparent background to blend with any desktop wallpaper. Alongside weather type, temperature and precipitation are also displayed. You can edit the unit of measurement, language, and size of the widget.

Download: Weather Desk

4. Glass Weather

The Glass Weather skin displays today’s forecast in a simple frame designed to look like a floating glass panel. A bit like a phone screen on your desktop. Temperature, location, and a simple weather description are shown. Alongside that information, vector-style weather icons let you see that day’s outlook at a glance. Unlike most other skins in this list, weather data is pulled from Yahoo! Weather.

Download: Glass Weather

5. Circle Weather

As the name suggests, this is another circular weather skin, but one with a very different look to Radiance. You can choose to show up to 4 days of forecasts, along with current conditions and the phase of the moon. The clock can be switched between 12 and 24h, the colors can be edited, and the widget can be resized with your mouse scroll wheel. You can even have the weather forecast read out loud due to the included speech plugin.

Download: Circle Weather

6. Detox

Weather skins don’t get much more minimalist than Detox. It is designed to let you see the current weather, date, and temperature easily, without adding too much clutter to your desktop. The outer ring is a visual representation of the current temperature and can be customized with different colors. Beautiful, simple, and yet still very useful.

Learn how to create your own Rainmeter theme, from start to finish.

Download: Detox

The Most Useful Rainmeter Weather Skins

We aren’t saying these Rainmeter weather skins aren’t attractive, as most of them are. But if you prefer information over a nice aesthetic, the following skins could suit you better.

7. Windows 10 Weather Enterprise

If lots of weather information in a detailed but easy-to-read format is what you’re after, this is the skin for you. This well-known and popular weather widget skin is highly customizable and displays precipitation, air pressure, UV index, weather alerts, pollen forecast, and air quality. You can edit the number of days shown, change the background to semi-transparent, and choose from two icon styles. It’s like having a weather station on your desktop.

Download: Windows 10 Weather Enterprise

8. Visions+ Weather

The Visions+ skin includes 5 variations, allowing you to choose how much weather data you want to display. Keep it simple with just the current day’s weather, or expand the widget to include multi-day forecasts, moon phases, and more. You can also choose to display only text or text with weather and moon icons. This isn’t the best-looking skin ever created, but it is adaptable and very detailed.

Download: Visions+ Weather

9. Do I Need A Jacket – DINAJ

Although it doesn’t contain reams of weather data, nor indeed, any detailed weather data, DINAJ is still brilliantly useful. If you want to know what the weather is like at a glance, this skin will do the job. It converts the weather data it receives into clothing advice, telling you if you’ll need a jacket when you go outside. It’s cool, clever, and definitely one of our favorites.

Download: Do I Need A Jacket

10. Nova Weather

The Nova weather skin packs a lot of information into its narrow column format. This makes it easy to position the widget out of the way at the side of your desktop, easily accessible but out of the way. You can choose how many days are displayed, with each day containing data on precipitation, temperature, and outlook.

The current day shows extra information, such as wind speed, humidity, and UV index. A transparent background option lets you blend it into the desktop wallpaper, should you want to.

Download: NOVA Weather

11. JSBarometer

This is a different take on a weather skin, instead providing you with your very own desktop barometer. It uses changes in air pressure in the environment to predict changes in weather. It isn’t going to be as accurate as the combined weather data used in other skins in this list, but it is still a useful guide to current conditions outside. It is also pretty unique as far as Rainmeter weather skins go.

Learn how to create a parallax desktop with Rainmeter.

Download: JSBarometer

The Best Weather Skins for Rainmeter

Of all the widgets available for Rainmeter, the weather widget give you perhaps the most opportunity for customization. It doesn’t matter if you want a simple readout of the current day’s weather or a detailed week-long forecast, there is sure to be a skin here to suit your needs.

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