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The 14 Best Notion Widgets You Can Add to Your Setup

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Notion, in itself, is already immensely helpful in increasing productivity and project management. But if you’re looking to take your setup to the next level, adding widgets is the easiest way to go. Check out 14 of the best Notion widgets you can try out today.

If you’re someone who glances at your laptop’s time whenever you use Notion, then it’s probably best if you have a bigger clock right on your Notion page. Take a look at WidgetBox’s digital retro clock. Apart from the clock’s classic look, you’ll love how many colors you can change it into, making it easy to fit into your page’s theme.


To add this widget (and all the others listed in this post), all you have to do is embed the link to your page. If you’re unsure what embed is, have a read at this guide to Notion terminology.

Working in a different timezone and hates going back and forth on online time converters? Then a World Clock widget on your Notion page is just what you need.

Before embedding the clock on your page, you first need to pick which timezone you want to be displayed. You can also set the time format to 12H or 24H and define the size.

There’s nothing like reading a quick inspirational message to get you up and motivated in the morning, and that’s exactly what Indify’s quote widget is for.

This widget displays a quote from one of five uplifting Instagram accounts, giving you your daily dose of positivity. Each one has a different aesthetic to fit your page’s theme, and the best part is that it adds to the beauty of your setup, too.

Whether you’re working from home or in the office, it’s always useful to know what the weather will be like for the day and the rest of the week. That’s why adding a weather widget to your Notion page is a smart move.

This particular widget from Apption is easily customizable to suit your tastes. You can change the location, font, theme, icon, and background image. To make it more functional, you can set the background to change depending on the current weather.

Using a Notion database view is one way of creating a calendar on your page. But do you really need to go through all that hassle when all you want is a simple calendar where you can see the date?

That’s what makes WidgetBox’s simple calendar a must-have on your setup. You can change the colors of this widget to match your color palette.

If you need somewhere to quickly capture notes and ideas while you’re on Notion, try this whiteboard widget. It’s a minimalist and clean space, where you can write or draw anything without having to open a different site or desktop app. It works great for sketching, brainstorming, or just passing the time.

Pomodoro is a time management technique, where you work a specific length of time (typically 25 minutes) before taking a break (usually for five minutes).

If you’re already using this method, you’d be glad to know that you don’t have to set the time on your phone anymore and just use this Pomodoro timer widget on Notion. It’s easy to add, and you’ll have a pretty LoFi-themed background on your page.

The perfect pair for your Pomodoro timer widget is some ambient sounds, and the website A Soft Murmur offers you just that. You’ll have a choice of different relaxing sounds like fire, rain, waves, coffee shop, and singing bowl.

The best part is that you can mix and match the sounds however you like. There’s also a timer on the website, where you can set how long you want the sounds to play.

To add some audible flair to your Notion page, consider embedding your favorite Spotify playlist. However, note that this embedded playlist wouldn’t really play the songs in full. You can only listen to a sampler.

The playlist is more like a decoration to your page and an easy way to get to the Spotify website (you only have to click the logo on the embed).

Want to meditate a bit before starting your day, or need a quick break from your work? Embed this 60-second meditation website to your Notion page and release all your worries. The 60-second timer starts when you enter something that’s bothering you on the star. It will then play some relaxing music to help you clear your mind.

You may think that you have no use for a calculator on your Notion page. But there will always come a time when you need to do a quick calculation, and you’re too lazy to open up your phone. It’s best to add this aesthetic calculator widget to your budget tracker page, where you will most likely need numbers assistance.

12. Life Progress Bar by Indify

Indify’s life progress bar shows you six bars indicating how much time there is left in the current year, month, week, day, quarter, and even your life. If you’re dragging yourself through the week and need a little motivation, just look at the progress bar and check how close you are to enjoying that weekend.

Need a dash of life to your Notion page? Then look no further than the Giphy widget. This cute animated picture can add a whole new dimension to your aesthetic, and they’re more fun to look at than plain photos.

A Notion page isn’t as bright and appealing without photos. You probably already have one or two on your setup, but what if you can add more without cluttering it up?

Check out Indify’s image gallery widget. You can embed multiple photos all at once, and they’re neatly arranged in a gallery style that takes up hardly any space.

Widgets are not only functional, but they also add some personalization to your Notion setup. This list provides only a few of the many widgets you can embed on your page, and you’ll surely discover more as you build your setup.

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