The 18 Best Wordle Alternatives to Get Your Puzzle Fix

If you’re not familiar with Wordle, where have you been? It’s the daily word game that quickly became a global sensation. The aim of Wordle is to guess a five-letter word within six attempts. After each attempt, it tells you which letters are not in the word, are in the wrong position, and are in the correct position.

One of the great things about Wordle is that you can only play it once per day. At the stroke of midnight, a new word is available. It makes it the perfect game to play on your coffee break.

But what if you want more and you’re craving that Wordle fix? We’ve got you covered. Here are the best Wordle alternatives you can play for free.

If you want the pure Wordle experience without that daily limitation, then Hello Wordl is the game for you. It lets you solve an unlimited number of Wordles, so you can keep powering through until it fries your brain.

Hello Wordl also lets you change the number of letters, from four to 11, which essentially increases the difficulty; a challenge only the true wordsmiths are worthy of.

Letterle is a silly parody of Wordle. In Wordle, it can be tricky to think of different six-letter words that fulfill the clues you’ve received so far. Letterle chucks all that out of the window. Here, you simply need to guess the letter of the day.

You have a one in 26 chance of getting the answer right on your first turn. Good luck!

Love Wordle, but tire of its relaxed attitude? Give Seven Wordles a try, which asks you to solve seven Wordles in a row while a prominent timer clocks how long you’re taking.

Similar to how people speedrun video games on Twitch, perhaps we’ll soon see Wordle championships.

Absurdle dons itself as “an adversarial variant” of Wordle. Though the mechanics of the two game are the same, and use the same word lists, Absurdle doesn’t have a fixed end word. Instead, it’s designed to prolong the game for as long as possible.

It does this by pruning the word list as little as possible after each of your turns, keeping all the possible words that could conform to your guess. Because of this, there isn’t the standard six attempt limit.

If you’re constantly being told to wash your mouth out, give Sweardle a try. You must figure out the four-letter swear word within six guesses.

As a hint, some of them aren’t traditional swear words, but rather just cheeky or silly ones—”fart”, for example.

If Sweardle didn’t provide enough vulgarity for your liking, you’ll be happy to know that you can also guess the swears in Lewdle.

You can turn on “sheltered mode” if you’re struggling, which lets you input non-vulgar words on your path to the final rude word, though you will incur a penalty to your score.

Strictly speaking, Squirdle isn’t the same game as Wordle, but it offers a similar design. In this, you must uncover the Pokémon in five turns, changing your answer based on generation, type, height, and weight.

If you haven’t kept up with Pokémon over the years, you can switch to a first generation version to play with only the classics like Pikachu and Charmander.

Byrdle is an incredibly niche version of Wordle, but that’s precisely what makes it so great. It looks and plays exactly like traditional Wordle, except the word you need to guess is related to choral music.

Yes, most of us will probably need to research what words that includes, but that’s part of the fun.

Queerdle defines itself as the “yassification of Wordle”. Essentially, all the words have some meaning for the LGBT community.

Words vary between four and eight letters, and occasionally two words may be put together. Why? According to the site’s instructions, queerness cannot be contained!

While Wordle is about guessing words, Cloudle is about guessing the five-day weather forecast for a city. While you may encounter a repeated city after playing for a long time, the weather will always be different.

Will it be sunny, rainy, and then windy? Or perhaps it’s going to be snowy all week? Test your weather knowledge with Cloudle.

Though its name appears very similar to the original, this Wordle knockoff shows you a random country or territory and you must work out what it is. It’s the ideal game for geography buffs.

After each turn, Worldle gives you the distance, direction, and proximity of your guess from the correct answer.

If the force is with you, you’ll succeed at SWordle because this Wordle clone is all about Star Wars. Think planets, droids, Jedi, and more.

You’ll need to use more than just letters, too—don’t be afraid to bust out some numbers and hyphens.

Heardle is Wordle’s musical spin-off. You listen to the introduction of a song and try to deduce what is in as few tries as possible. If you answer incorrectly or skip the turn, you hear more of the song.

Heardle grew so popular that Spotify bought the game. So if you fancy yourself as a musical expert, learn how to master and play Heardle.

For when playing one Wordle at a time isn’t enough, there’s Dordle. The aim is to solve two Wordle grids simultaneously. The twist is that the word you input applies to both grids. To account for the increased challenge, you get seven attempts to guess the words over Wordle’s standard five.

If you want more after the daily Dordle, there’s a “free Dordle” mode that lets you play as much as you want.

You’ve solved one word in Wordle, two in Dordle… now it’s time to tackle four in Quordle. Each word you submit applies to all the four grids simultaneously.

Not only that, but you only have nine attempts in which to solve all the words. It’s tricky, but it makes for a very satisfying solve.

If numbers are more your thing, Nerdle is the game for you. You get six tries to get the calculation, though you can’t just type in random numbers—your entry must compute.

Once you master Nerdle, try your hand at its variant games, like “micro” which contain fewer digits, “speed” which is against the clock, or “instant” where you get only one guess. You could even use Nerdle to help your kids learn math.

When you open Crosswordle, you might be surprised to see a semi-solved Wordle grid. That’s because this game gives you the final word and colored tiles, with your job being to re-create the grid by populating the previous guesses.

Despite the name, this isn’t anything like a crossword, but it’s certain to give you a real challenge nonetheless.

In an amusing opposite to Wordle, Antiwordle asks you to guess the day’s word in as many attempts as possible.

If you use a letter that’s not in the word, you can’t use it again. If it’s yellow, you must use it again. Red means it’s in the word and becomes locked in place—but that’s bad in this game.

More Than Just Wordle Clones

These games take the beloved Wordle concept and tweak it to offer something humorous or inventive. Unlike some of the cash-grab Wordle clones that have cropped up on the App Store, these pay loving respect to the original Wordle and sit alongside it nicely.

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