The 7 Best Ghost Story Sites to Check Out

These days, scary movies, podcasts, books, and short stories are almost a requirement of Halloween. As we’ve gone online more, so have our scares. And, what’s the best way to do that? Well, by reading scary stories, of course!

There are many sites online that have dedicated themselves to the macabre and entice with captivating features to match the season’s mood. Let’s go through some of the best ones, despite the fear that may follow you there and back.

The Moonlit Road offers a slew of, what it calls, strange stories. You can find specific categories of stories, depending on your mood, like Creepy Stories, Southern Folktales, and Weird True Stories. There’s even a Your Short Stories section submitted by readers.

The platform also offers a Schoolhouse category that holds information regarding the topics, places, cultures, and everything else to do with the listed stories and the inspiration behind them. You can even find free downloadable teacher resources to browse through, with lesson plans and various learning materials included.

And, in case you’re not into reading ghost stories but listening to them, you can add to the campfire feel by turning to the Audio Stories section on The Moonlit Road.

Real Ghost Stories Online delivers on the promise of its name and offers a catalog of various stories. It enthralls its visitors in podcast form, which lets you consume narratives on a slew of platforms, including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, and Google Play Music, among others.

Real Ghost Stories Online accepts submissions, so you can even share your own scary experiences and thoughts. Finding the right horror podcast that fits your spooky mood can be challenging, so the platform has an archive section.

It lets you dive into previously released podcast episodes, ensuring you don’t miss out on a single story, and if one doesn’t catch your interest, you can simply move onto the next.

Oldstyle Tales Press boosts all things in writing that are scary. The platform focuses on the period of the Classical Era of Supernatural Fiction (1795 – 1935), which includes the works of Mary Shelley and M. R. James, both popular supernatural storytellers.

There’s a Blog section you can browse to discover diverse scary stories you’re free to read online. And apart from the vast collection of ghost stories, the site also offers annotated and illustrated editions of classic horror stories, matching the captivating writings with their corresponding aesthetic. So if you like something, you can use the platform to find its correlated book.

The Darkest Blog has several categories worth exploring. You can browse Ghost Stories, Witch Stories, Dud Tales and The Dream Book for your next read. The first two sections are self-explanatory, and the ones that follow delve into stories created by mind tricks and horror that unfolds in dreams.

You can spend hours reading the content on The Darkest Blog for free. And if you’d rather watch some scary happenings, you can dive into its Short Horror Films category. It showcases several short story horror movies uploaded on YouTube, so they’re free to consume, too.

Never heard of Creepypasta before? Weill, it’s quite possibly the most well-known source for scary stories available.

Everything on the platform is divided into neat categories, making the experience of browsing the site super simple. For example, you can find Famous Creepypasta that holds the most popular stories, Top Ranked and Recently Published, which are self-explanatory, and of course, you can head straight to Creepypasta Stories.

The site offers plenty of filters you can use to sort your searches, and there’s also a Random Story section you can go to and get a story selected for you. So it’s no wonder Creepypasta has its place at the top.

Wattpad may be best known for fan-fiction and a place where young people flock to consume stories, but there’s more to it than that.

The platform boasts a community of around 90 million monthly users and houses over 665 million story uploads. So, it’s safe to say, whatever you’re in the mood for, you’re more than likely to find it on Wattpad. And, the best part is, you can read Wattpad fiction for free.

There are a ton of categories to browse on the site. Horror, Thriller, and Paranormal are only a few of the ones you can go through for your next read. Of course, you can also take advantage of the search bar and look for ghost stories.

Once some pop up as results, you can make further use of the filters that appear and add ‘scary,’ ‘horror,’ ‘short story,’ and so on to ensure the stories showing up are exactly what you want.

Reedsy Prompts mostly caters to writers. The platform offers to boost writers’ creativity by providing them with prompts and a weekly writing contest. And that’s the best part—the prompts change weekly, so there’s no shortage of new stories.

The Stories section houses a ton of featured writings, and there are so many categories you can tick to define your search. For example, there are Horror, Suspense, and Thriller, and if you’re into horror and select that, you see over 3000 stories available to discover. So, it’s unlikely you’ll run out of material to consume anytime soon.

Why Not Add a Little Spice to the Halloween Season?

Whether you’re into group activities or lone-wolfing the holiday, staying in the spooky spirit can be super enjoyable. After all, Halloween can be as scary as you make it (or any day, for that matter). So, give into the spooky spirit and dive into everything scary.

Why not explore a new chilling podcast? Or, blast through cult horror classic films, either alone or with your friends? There are plenty of other scary activities online to get you into the Halloween mood. And, of course, you can opt for a scare any time of year.

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