The 8 Best Careers for Extroverts

Your personality trait plays a significant role in your career choice. Being extroverted or introverted determines, to a large extent, the job that suits you and how well you will thrive in it. If you are often described as energetic, charismatic, outgoing, and a social butterfly, you are most likely an extrovert.

Extroverts have amazing qualities that, if channeled in the right direction, can help them attain excellence. However, the issue lies in identifying a career that suits you in the job industry. We have put together eight high-paying careers that are great fits for extroverts. Let’s discuss them below.

Social media influencer is one of the next big careers in the entertainment industry. As a social butterfly and one who loves being in the spotlight, you can build large, organic followership. This could consist of different audiences on several social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

You can also use your natural charisma to influence your audiences’ buying power and build trust. Of course, this attracts brands to utilize your social engagements and promote their products and services that appeal to your audience. Furthermore, the average annual pay for a social media influencer is $41,047 per year, according to ZipRecruiter.

Nonetheless, you can still set your own fees and terms of engagement by yourself. In addition, you can simultaneously leverage more than one niche, such as fashion, travel, education, and lifestyle. However, if you are diving into the lifestyle industry, which requires you to use your life as content, take note of things you should never share on social media for content’s sake.

2. Customer Support Specialist

A customer support specialist is a direct link between a company and its customers. This position requires social and people skills, which makes it suitable for extroverts. In the face of conflict, you can use your interpersonal skills, like quick decision-making and problem-solving, to resolve issues before they escalate.

You can work as front desk personnel, call center agent, or concierge. Meanwhile, the average salary for a customer support specialist is $47,400 per year, according to Payscale.

3. Public Relations Manager

Extroverts are naturally more given to public relations than their introverted counterparts. They can steer discussions physically and virtually. And being a PR personnel might be the best choice for you. A public relations manager is responsible for internal and external communications, public affairs, and all forms of media coverage in a company.

In other words, your primary responsibility is to improve a brand’s image and oversee campaigns for products/services. You can be part of an organization’s workforce (profit or non-profit) or an independent PR specialist. According to Payscale, public relations managers earn an average of $72,604 annually.

4. Sales or Marketing Manager

Being a sales or marketing manager is one of the best careers for extroverts because it involves a lot of socializing and networking. As a sales manager, your major role is to oversee the sales team in a company, organize training, and ensure your team meets the sales quota for a period.

You will also continuously have to engage in small talk and use your natural enthusiastic charm to propel people to purchase a product or service. Meanwhile, you can major in business-to-business sales (B2B), business-to-consumer sales (B2C), direct, SaaS, or affiliate sales. Besides, you can expect to earn up to $63,359 annually, according to Payscale.

5. Counselor or Coach

Typically, an extrovert is compassionate, a great communicator, and loves being involved in other people’s lives. This makes counseling a suitable career path for one. Counselors help people achieve positive changes in different aspects of their life, such as careers, relationships, and academics.

While you still need to acquire specific counseling techniques and certifications, your natural extrovert traits already give you solid grounds to flourish in the industry. You can render your services independently or work with a psychotherapy company. Meanwhile, the average annual salary for a licensed professional counselor is $50,298—according to Payscale.

6. Human Resource Manager

Human resource managers act as a liaison between employees and employers. They often oversee the hiring of new employees, alongside staff training and management. In addition, they help organizations develop their work culture and benefits, payroll, and handle workplace disputes.

These responsibilities and more require high-level people skills to enable you to connect with diverse personalities on different levels, making it a great fit for extroverts. According to Payscale, human resource managers earn up to $74,000 annually.

However, your pay can be above or below, depending on your skills and certifications. You can work as a freelance human resource consultant or limit your services to one company.

7. Event Planner

Event planning involves creating and developing small and large-scale personal or corporate events, such as weddings, conferences, concerts, and festivals. Having the innate ability to manage interactions with a variety of people—including clients, vendors, and the event workforce—gives you an edge in pulling off successful events.

You can also leverage different mobile apps for event management to streamline your responsibilities. Moreover, you can be a contractor and set your own rates or work for an interior decoration firm. According to Payscale, the average annual salary for event planners is $51,596. The demand for event planners is on the rise. So whichever path you choose, you can be confident of earning well.

8. UX Designer

UX designing is a people-oriented career that involves developing and managing a digital product’s user experience. Most times, the role requires you to work directly with the marketing team in an organization to understand customer needs and demands and integrate the brand message into the product.

Besides, it’s a versatile profession, not limited to one industry. In other words, you can work in the health, finance, education, or blockchain industry. You can also work as a freelancer or a full-time on-site employee. According to Payscale, the average salary for a UX designer is $76,341 per year.

Know Your Personality Type Before Choosing Your Career

Choosing your target industry and career path can be challenging. Therefore, we suggest you first analyze your personality and identify your interests, strengths, and weaknesses to help you make rational decisions about your career. You can see a psychologist or use apps to learn about your personality type to erase every iota of uncertainty.

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