The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Price Is Still at Black Friday Levels

Black Friday prices are still here for a few products, including the impressive Galaxy Watch 4 from Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

Black Friday may be a couple of weeks behind us, but the magnificent price for the Galaxy Watch 4 lives on. Still available for the best price it’s ever had, the Galaxy Watch 4 smartwatch is 44% off.

As the holidays draw near, we’re all looking for cute and useful presents to get our loved ones. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 makes for the perfect stocking stuffer for anyone in the family, whether we’re talking about a significant other, parents, siblings, or best friends. With a discount of $110, you can get one of these awesome smartwatches and put that money towards a different gift.

There are many things we love about the Galaxy Watch 4, starting with the way it looks. With a round face, this smartwatch gives off an elegant vibe. This model comes in multiple color options, including silver, black, and pink gold. We do have to mention that the model that’s on sale right now is the 40mm one, so it fits better on smaller wrists. The 44mm version is available for $171.

The Watch 4 can read a ton of information on your body just by putting it on, from body fat to skeletal muscle, to body water and basal metabolic rate, to body mass index. It will monitor your sleep and SpO2 levels and can even run an ECG so you can keep an eye on your heart activity. Of course, it will also monitor your workouts, coming with a ton of fitness modes. Plus, it recognizes some popular activities, like swimming or running.

Like any smartwatch, it will also be an extension of your smartphone by allowing you to read messages, and notifications, see when calls are coming through, control music streaming, and so on. Plus, you get the power of Google’s services on your wrist. You can pay with Google Play by simply swapping your watch over the terminal, get Google Assistant to help with various tasks, get directions, and so on.

As far as present ideas go, the Galaxy Watch 4 is a great choice. It looks stunning, works great, and it’s also available at such a great price point. If you want to get your kid a smartwatch too, then you should maybe look at the best smartwatch models for kids, especially if they’re a bit younger.

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