The Top 5 Features of Therabody’s New SmartGoggles That Can Help You Fall Asleep

Therabody’s new sleep wearable, the SmartGoggles device, is a pair of smart eye massagers that work to diffuse the muscular tension around your eyes. The SmartGoggles use vibration and heat settings to help you fall asleep faster, and they’re equipped with a biometric sensor for a more personalized experience.

While tracking your sleep is a great way to analyze your sleep health, SmartGoggles may be able to help proactively improve it. Therabody’s sleep wearable targets conditions like stress, anxiety, eye strain, migraines, and headaches. Here are some of its best features that could help you sleep better.

1. SmartRelax Mode

The most notable feature on the Therabody SmartGoggles is the SmartRelax mode. In this mode, the goggles adjust the vibration and heat settings based on your heart rate. A small biometric sensor sits on the inner edge of the goggles and makes contact with your cheekbone. If it detects a high heart rate, the goggles use that data to optimize the massage settings so that they can help lower your heart rate and relax you.

The adaptive capability of these goggles makes them a great way to unwind. Most eye massagers have generic presets. However, the SmartGoggles sync with your biometric data for a more personalized experience. Additionally, you can manually control the vibration and heat intensities to your liking.

2. SmartGoggles Sleep Mode

The SmartGoggles Sleep mode goes beyond a simple category of content, like Spotify playlists for falling asleep faster. Audio tracks and podcasts might help with mental relaxation, but they won’t relieve eye strain or tension that makes it harder to fall asleep. And constantly adjusting massage settings on a device is distracting from your main goal—to fall asleep.

The Sleep mode on SmartGoggles uses clinically designed vibration patterns to induce sleepiness. In this mode, the goggles gently massage your temples while delivering slow-wave vibration. The wave pattern of the massage is quite soothing and can effectively relieve tension. Even a quick five-minute session before you sleep may be able to improve your sleep quality over time.

3. TheraMind Audio Resources

Make your massage sessions more relaxing by combining them with Therabody’s audio tracks. Within the Therabody app, there is a large audio library called TheraMind. This section is specifically designed to enhance the SmartGoggles experience. TheraMind includes audio tracks designed to deepen relaxation and help you fall asleep faster. You’ll have complete control of your sessions through the app as you listen to ambient noise, guided meditations, and sleep tracks, all of which stay in sync with the SmartGoggles.

4. SmartGoggles Design and Comfort

The SmartGoggles are designed for comfortable extended usage. Despite housing moving electronic parts and batteries, the goggles are lightweight—14.8 oz (420 g). The outer and inner casings of the goggles are made from synthetic leather and the fastening strap is made out of cotton. The SmartGoggles should feel quite comfortable, even when you wear them for longer durations.

Another important factor is its compact and handy design. Carrying bulky and rigid equipment can be challenging if you travel frequently. SmartGoggles neatly folds in on itself, and you can easily store the goggles and their charging cable in the soft carry case that comes with the product. Whether you want to take a quick break at work or relax on a long flight, Therabody’s SmartGoggles make it easy to do so.

5. Therabody App Compatibility

The Therabody app is useful for planning relaxing sessions. Once you pair your SmartGoggles with the app via Bluetooth, you can change a variety of settings. For example, while there are manual controls for heat and vibration settings on the goggles, you can moderate them through the app, too.

The app also shows you biometric data from the SmartRelax mode, as well as a session report. By tweaking settings and combining them with TheraMind content, you can create the most personalized experience to prepare you for sleep.

Improve Your Sleep Health With These SmartGoggles Features

Therabody’s latest sleep wearable aims to deliver the utmost comfort and relaxation. SmartGoggles focuses on eliminating one of the biggest obstacles to better sleep: physical tension.

Sleep trackers like the Apple Watch and Fitbit are great at mapping and analyzing sleep patterns. But SmartGoggles are meant to help you fall asleep in the first place. Over time, the heart rate monitoring and customized massage capabilities of SmartGoggles may help you fall asleep faster and improve your overall sleep health.

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