The Top 5 Virtual Event Software Programs

Globalization has affected every industry. This means that clients and customers no longer have to be in your backyard or accessible with a quick drive or flight. Virtual events have become popular as technology advances and allow you to host an event virtually, so attendee location is irrelevant.

The COVID-19 pandemic forced many businesses to pivot to hosting events virtually that they hadn’t considered in the past. Regardless of the type of event you want to host, some platforms can help you with promotion, registration, and hosting the actual event.

Whether you’re hosting a virtual event for co-workers or an event for clients, Remo is a platform that helps you create natural exchanges at any gathering. You can use Remo’s pre-made environments to create your own customized environment, or hire a professional to make one for you.

If you’re a remote worker with many virtual meetings, you can get creative and set your environment to a cozy coffee shop, a beach, or anywhere else. You can also create designs that complement your brand and meet the needs of your specific meeting.

You can set up your meetings in a functional space by arranging table seating plans for two to 16 people. Remo also allows you to create specific environments to encourage networking and conduct workshops and conferences.

Remo has features that allow you to view guest profiles, issue announcements, and do group and private chats. The platform is excellent if you plan to host networking events, workshops, virtual meetings, training, career fairs, or expos.

Remo’s pricing starts at $15 a month. For that price, you get event duration and capacity based on Zoom’s limits, simple movement between breakout rooms, locating a participant, joining in a conversation, and immersive floor plans. You may be interested in learning how to create events on Facebook.

Hopin can help you create an inviting virtual, hybrid, or in-person event for attendees regardless of where they are. It’s an all-in-one event management software that makes planning, producing, and delivering events easy.

With Hopin, you can create an interactive attendee experience with immersive programming for on-site and digital audiences with its virtual venue. If you want to do live streams for product releases, you can easily produce reliable, professional streams using Streamyards modern broadcast studio.

The platform has features that help you create attractive landing pages that can drive ticket sales and registrations. Hopin allows you to host live hands-on sessions and let attendees visit expo booths and meet other attendees one-on-one.

You can use Hopin for free. The free option includes one admin seat, unlimited events with up to 100 attendees per event, two hours of event time, and email or chat support. The core features of Hopin include a virtual venue with a stage, breakout sessions, networking and expo areas, customizable registration forms, and basic analytics.

Mixily’s slogan is that it’s kind of like Facebook events, but not Facebook and better. The platform can help you at each stage of an event. From creating attractive landing pages to scheduling invitation reminders and messages, managing guest lists RSVPs, and ticketing, Mixily has you covered.

Attendees don’t need an account to attend an event, and you can connect your bank account with Stripe for paid events, so you can get payouts before your event. You can also track ticket sales for each event you host with Mixily’s revenue dashboard. You can brand your video calls and virtual event space with custom colors and add your logo. The platform also offers features like expandable chat and screen sharing.

You can host your meeting venue on Mixily or embed your event directly on your website. Mixily allows you to host any virtual meeting you want, including virtual co-working space, team meetings, coaching, or member meetings. You can start using Mixily for free.

The free option allows you to host one customized virtual event for a maximum of ten people for 60 minutes. You may be interested in learning how to facilitate a remote team meeting effectively.

The creators of SpatialChat designed the platform for virtual team meetings. It’s an online workspace for remote teams to work together regardless of time or location. SpatialChat provides you with virtual avatars, and you can add elements to your live presentations and share your screen.

You can collaborate with team members regardless of where they are and embed your favorite whiteboard or share a single screen or multiple screens simultaneously. If you want to create a more interactive culture in your virtual meetings, you can create virtual rooms, and attendees can mingle in real video bubbles. You can create a conference when you host live sessions on the center stage with interactive presentations and attendee reactions.

You don’t have to worry about anyone hacking into your meetings with SpatialChat’s high level of data protection. SpatialChat keeps your data private and protects you from loss with increased security and compliance standards, including SOC2 type 2, GDPR compliance, and SAML single sign-on.

Similar to Mixily, SpatialChat can be embedded into any web app. You can get started with SpatialChat for free, and that plan includes five users, one workspace, and three rooms per space. You may be interested in the best free online digital whiteboard apps that aren’t Google or Microsoft.

If you work with many virtual teams, Hoppier can help you organize your events. With the platform, you can arrange a celebration with gifts, food, and drinks of everyone’s choice.

Hoppier is an excellent platform you can use to show your remote team members you appreciate them and the work they do. Whether hosting a virtual lunch and learn or a team meeting, when you use Hoppier, attendees can order their food from selected food service apps like DoorDash, Uber Eats, Deliveroo, and Zomato.

You don’t have to worry if your team is international, since Hoppier works in over 60 countries. As far as a gift, food, and drink provider, Hoppier offers you millions of vendors from across the world to choose from.

Hoppier is a cost-effective platform to reward your remote team, since any unspent money on gift cards is refunded to you for your next event. You can use Hoppier for more than virtual team events.

You can also reward employees with coffee, food, or gift cards, as well as manage employee stipends if you want to create a wellness program. Likewise, you might be interested in learning about the best asynchronous video communication tools for remote teams.

Your Virtual Event Options Are Endless

During the pandemic, Zoom fatigue was something many of us were experiencing. The good news is that there are many options aside from Zoom if you want to host a virtual event or meeting. Regardless of the number of attendees or where they’re located, you can find a platform that will meet your needs.

Before selecting a virtual event platform, you should survey the people you invite to use the platform to learn the features they want and the ones they can do without. You don’t want to commit to a forum that users experience difficulty using.

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