What Amazon Echo Do I Have? Your Guide to Telling the Difference

With a wide range of Amazon Echo models on the market, telling the difference between them can be tricky. We’ll run over some of the distinguishing physical features between Echo devices and how you can quickly determine which model you have.


The Echo is Amazon’s flagship model that boasts superior sound quality and a larger form factor than its cheaper sibling, the Echo Dot. The first three generations of the Echo are tall and cylindrical, with the second and third generations featuring a fabric cover instead of the first’s plastic shell.

The fourth-generation model, however, has been redesigned into a sphere with a flat bottom that looks very similar to the Echo Dot. The only main physical difference is that the Echo is bigger: the Echo measures 5.7×5.7×5.2 inches while the Echo Dot is just 3.9×3.9×3.5 inches.

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Echo Dot

Alongside the Echo, the Echo Dot is the model for those who aren’t ready to make a significant investment in their smart home just yet. The first three generations look like a hockey puck, while the fourth generation Echo Dot, like the Echo, was released as a slick spherical speaker.

As noted, the fourth-generation Echo Dot is smaller than the Echo. Amazon has also released two variations of the Echo Dot: one with a digital clock and the Kids Edition. Both are the same under the hood, with the Kids Edition sporting a funky tiger or panda print.

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Echo Plus

The two Echo Plus models look very similar to the earlier Echo models, with the original being practically identical to the first generation of Echo. The second generation of the Plus also looks identical to the third generation Echo, so it can be tricky to tell the difference.

However, the second-gen Echo Plus is Zigbee-enabled. If you look at the bottom of your device and see the Zigbee symbol (denoted by a Z), you’ll know you have a second-generation Plus.

Echo Studio

The Echo Studio is Amazon’s smart speaker for music lovers, with the best sound out of the devices on our list. As a consequence, it’s also larger than most here (besides the Echo Sub), measuring 8.2×7.1×7.1 inches.

Unlike the Sub, however, it has a light ring and control buttons on top. Its most distinguishing visual feature is the physical gap near the bottom of the speaker.

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Echo Show

The Echo Show is Amazon’s flagship smart device with a display. Luckily, its relatively easy to spot the physical differences between models:

  • The Echo Show 5 features a smaller 5.5-inch screen and is around the same size as a digital alarm clock.
  • The Echo Show 8 is a slight upgrade on the Show 5, with an 8-inch screen and larger resolution. The screen is roughly the size of a small tablet.
  • The Echo Show 10 has a 10.1-inch screen, and its telltale feature is the motorized base that lets it follow you around the room.
  • Lastly, the Echo Show 15 has a 15.6-inch screen that looks like a large laptop screen and can be mounted on a wall as a smart display.

For some reason, if you’re still unsure which model you have, just take a tape measure from one corner to the other diagonally (excluding borders) to find the exact screen size.

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Echo Spot

The Echo Spot is the marriage of the Dot and Show, a globe-shaped device with a small screen showing you the time, weather, and other useful information. It’s easily distinguishable by its small form factor and circular screen.

Echo Sub

The Echo Sub is a companion device aimed at users who already have an existing Echo device and want to add a bit more oomph to their smart speaker setup. It features no buttons or light ring, unlike many of the other devices on our list, and is also the biggest. The Sub measures 8×8.3×8.3 inches as a large cylinder and weighs around 9 pounds.

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Echo Flex

The Echo Flex is perhaps the smallest on our list. It was designed to add an extra Alexa access point around your home and plugs directly into an outlet. It’s a small white square with two buttons on the front and a plug on the back.

Distinguishing Between Amazon Echo Models

There are many devices in the Amazon Echo lineup, with subtle differences between models that can make it difficult to tell them apart.

With this guide, hopefully, it becomes that bit easier to identify your exact Amazon Echo model.

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