What Are Reddit Trophies? How to Get Your Own

From the moment you join Reddit, you automatically qualify for your very first trophy. You don’t even have to post anything to get your New User trophy. All you have to do is simply sign up.

Soon after, you can get the Verified Email Address trophy by simply confirming your email address. There are several other Reddit trophies up for grabs, including trophies for posting good links and good comments, among others.

So, what are Reddit trophies, how do they work, and how do you get these Reddit trophies? You’ll find answers to these questions and more inside this article.

What Are Reddit Trophies?

Trophies are Reddit’s way of saying thank you for being a part of and contributing to the growth of its microblogging platform and the larger Reddit community.

Reddit trophies was introduced in late 2009. Since then, at midnight (PT) every day, Reddit calculates trophies from the previous day. Winners are added to Reddit’s honor roll, and they also receive a trophy on their profile.

This serves as a badge of honor recognizing their contributions, as well as a motivation for other Reddit users to make meaningful contributions in order to win their own trophies.

There are currently 39 trophies available, made up of 25 standard trophies and 14 rare trophies for outstanding contributions. You can view the full list of all the available Reddit trophies on its official website.

How Reddit Trophies Work

You can think of Reddit trophies as digital thank you notes or badges that you can display on your profile. How it works is you do something Reddit considers noteworthy, and you get rewarded with a trophy.

It’s as simple as that. However, note that the choice of who gets rewarded, for what, and with what, are sole prerogatives of Reddit. So, after you’ve done your part, you’ll simply wait and hope for the best.

Say you get a “Well-rounded” Reddit trophy for contributing good links and good comments, your trophy will still be intact even if you delete the winning comment.

Reddit awards, on the other hand, can be bought with Reddit coins and awarded by one user to another. You can award someone with Gold, Silver, or Platinum for contributing quality content. You can also earn Reddit karma.

To view your current trophies, go to Reddit > Profile picture > Profile.

You should find all your existing trophies in the Trophy Case section just beneath your profile section.

How to Get Your Own Reddit Trophy

According to Reddit, “The first rule of trophies is you don’t talk about trophies.” That may be the case on Reddit which also has the sole discretion of who gets a trophy and for what, there are in fact steps that you can take to increase your chances of getting one.

To get a Reddit trophy, start by familiarizing yourself with all the trophies available for grabs.

Next, decide which trophies you want to work towards, then start doing the stipulated action required to get it. For instance, if you want to get a rare “White-Hat trophy,” start by looking for and reporting bugs in the Reddit code.

Similarly, if you want to get a One-, Two-, or even Thirteen-Year Club trophy, all you have to do is maintain a Reddit account for that long, even if you aren’t active. Once you hit the milestone, your trophy will appear under your profile.

Want a Reddit Trophy? Start Today!

Not that you can include it in your CV or something, but a Reddit trophy can signal the extent of your contribution to the growth and sustenance of Reddit. The popular microblogging platform is used by hundreds of millions of people. Being recognized as a major supporter is quite a feat in and of itself.

Whether this recognition comes from Reddit as a trophy, or from other users as an award, you can rest assured that your little efforts haven’t gone unnoticed.

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