What Is an Electric Motorcycle?

Regular motorcycles are amazing feats of engineering. These lightweight vehicles can accelerate like nothing else on the road and carry you to your destination in style. But, like every other transportation segment, electrification is revolutionizing the conventional motorcycle. Even traditional motorcycle manufacturers like Harley-Davidson are getting into the electric motorcycle game.

But what exactly is an electric motorcycle, and what makes it different from a regular bike?

What Is an Electric Motorcycle?

Regular motorcycles come in varying shapes and sizes, and the same is true for electric ones. While some electric motorcycles offer more exotic layouts, with some even featuring a hollow rear wheel, the formula for most of these bikes is pretty simple. Electric motorcycles substitute the internal combustion engine of a regular bike for big lithium-ion batteries, along with an electric motor that drives the rear wheel.

This is the formula for big power and instant torque, and electric motorcycles use it to their advantage.

An electric motorcycle’s performance range and performance hinges on the capacity of the aforementioned batteries, along with the power delivered by the electric powertrain. There are different types of electric motorcycles, such as the ones in the mold of traditional street bikes, as well as more adventurous e-motorcycles that compete with traditional motocross bikes.

While most electric motorcycles use regular electric motors that connect to the rear wheel via a chain and a sprocket, some have very peculiar setups, like the Verge TS. This super unique and expensive electric motorcycle features an electric motor integrated into the rear wheel.

It makes the e-motorcycle look like a prop from the movie Tron because the rear wheel is basically hollow, and there’s no chain in sight. The overall look is straight from a science fiction movie. The great thing is this is only the beginning of the amazing things that can be accomplished via the electrification of vehicles. Electric motorcycles will continue to push the envelope of the norm that regular motorcycles established, mostly due to their electric powertrain.

What Types of Electric Motorcycles Are There?

There’s quite a variety of electric motorcycles. If you want a fast street bike that will rival the quickest gasoline-powered bikes, you can rest assured that there are electric motorcycles that fit this bill. A good example of a bike like this is the aforementioned Verge TS. This bike puts down 1000 Nm of torque, which is insane for a motorcycle. Of course, there are other alternatives if you want a street bike, such as the Harley-Davidson LiveWire.

This motorcycle has a more classical look and can be easily confused with a traditional Harley, especially if you’re not a Harley-Davidson nerd. The bikes mentioned up to this point are all extremely expensive, with prices starting over $20,000. But there are also smaller, affordable e-motorcycles. The Vespa Elettrica 45 mph is an electric motorcycle for the city dweller that doesn’t need an extremely fast bike.

These smaller motorcycles have the traditional Vespa form factor but are electrified. There are even off-road e-motorcycles that can go toe to toe with traditional internal-combustion motocross bikes. This goes to show that there isn’t really a mold that all electric motorcycles fit into. On the contrary, there’s a variety of electric motorcycles to suit most individuals’ needs.

What Are the Advantages of an Electric Motorcycle?

Electric motorcycles enjoy many of the same advantages that electric cars have over internal combustion vehicles. For example, instant torque is one of the greatest benefits of fitting an electric motor to a vehicle, and electric motorcycles don’t disappoint in this regard.

Electric motorcycles also enjoy the reduced maintenance that comes with electric motors and batteries versus complex internal combustion engines. Regular motorcycles need constant maintenance of all the engine’s moving parts, as well as the ancillary bits, to keep the engine running properly.

Oil changes are also super important when maintaining your traditional motorcycle, but you can say goodbye to routine engine oil changes in your electric motorcycle. However, it’s important to keep in mind that just like you need to take care of your EV’s battery, electric bikes equipped with lithium-ion batteries also require proper care and the proper charging procedures.

Another great thing about electric motorcycles is that they don’t need refueling. In fact, electric motorcycles don’t even have a gas tank, which eliminates many of the dangers associated with riding a tiny vehicle with a big tank of gas. Charging your electric motorcycle at home should also be cheaper than filling up a traditional bike at the gas station, especially with soaring gas prices.

One of the greatest advantages of electric motorcycles is that they’re relatively quiet, especially compared to extremely raucous traditional bikes. Internal combustion motorcycles are huge sources of noise pollution, and e-motorcycles completely substitute the annoying roar of an engine for the whine of an electric motor.

Imagine riding through a scenic route in serene silence instead of roaring through and disturbing everybody in sight.

How Much Does an Electric Motorcycle Cost?

Electric motorcycles come in a wide variety of prices; it all depends on what you’re looking for. If you’re willing to pay big bucks, there are many options, like Harley-Davidson’s LiveWire. Stark Future also offers electric motocross bikes, and they’re not shy about their prices, with their Varg model coming in at over $12,000.

Of course, all of these are elite motorcycles, and there are more affordable choices available. For example, the Vespa Elettrica 45 comes in at $7,949, which is much more palatable than some options that exceed $20,000. If you’re looking for even more affordable choices, there are bikes like the Kollter ES1, which starts at $6,995.

The Kollter ES1 electric motorcycle line offers two variations, and they offer an average of 60 miles of range. Nobody has to know you paid less for these motorcycles either because they look absolutely stunning and high quality. There are even cheaper options out there that you can buy from Amazon; it’s really up to the individual’s budget which e-motorcycle they go for.

Electric Motorcycles Offer Many Advantages Over Traditional Bikes

If you’re a seasoned motorcyclist looking to spice up your commute, an electric motorcycle might just be the way to go.

Even for newbie motorcyclists, an electric motorcycle is the best introduction to the world of two-wheeled motorized fun. These electrified bikes offer many advantages over traditional motorcycles, and the technology powering these vehicles is getting better every single day.

A world without the annoying roar of conventional motorcycle engines is not too far off.

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