What Is the TikTok Creator Portal? How to Get Started With It

The TikTok Creator Portal is a helpful and free tool for those getting started as content creators on the app, but not many people know what it is or how to find it.

Here is how to use the Creator Portal and take advantage of its advice…

What Is the TikTok Creator Portal?

The TikTok Creator Portal is a collection of articles and short videos that gives tips and advice about creating content on the app. It explains everything from why TikTok is a great place to produce content, how to use specific features on the app, and even eventually get paid to post videos. TikTok relies on users to create fun and interesting videos to keep the platform engaging, so it made the Creator Portal to help users make better content.


The best part about the Creator Portal is that anyone can use it! The feature is available to all users right on the app or on any internet browser. There are no requirements for accessing any feature of the Portal, although there may be requirements for using features that the Creator Portal discusses like accessing your analytics or the Creator Fund, both of which have follower quantity requirements.

Where Do I Find the Creator Portal?

There are two ways to find the Creator Portal: on the app or using an internet browser. If you are on the TikTok app, first make sure you are logged in.

Then follow these steps:

  1. Tap the profile icon to visit your profile page, then tap the three bars in the top right corner.
  2. From the menu that pops up, tap Creator Tools.
  3. From this page, tap the Creator Portal button and you are in!

From an internet browser, you can visit the TikTok Creator Portal directly. You do not need to be logged in to view the portal this way.

Where Do I Start With the Creator Portal?

There is a ton of content to sift through in the Creator Portal. This is what makes it great, but it can also be overwhelming.

There are eleven basic sections:

  • Getting Started on TikTok
  • TikTok Creation Essentials
  • Foundations for Success
  • TikTok Content Strategy
  • Community Guidelines and Safety
  • Getting Paid to Create
  • Product Feature Updates
  • How to Level Up Your Gaming Content
  • What to Know About LIVE
  • Everything You Need to Know as an Artist on TikTok
  • How TikTok Works

That may seem like a daunting amount of things to learn as a new creator, but the articles are quick, and the information is really helpful. Plus, you do not need to read every article or watch every video to get the benefits of using the Portal, just what seems helpful to you! There is also a featured articles section you can see by scrolling to the bottom of the page.

How you best use the Creator Portal all depends on your goals with using TikTok. If you are just starting out, try the TikTok 101 module to learn what the app is all about. There is also a module on Personalizing your TikTok profile which can help you get your account in order before creating content.

If you’ve been on TikTok for a while but can’t seem to grow your audience, try the TikTok Content Strategy section which has articles and videos all about planning your videos, finding your online community, and using analytics to help you grow. If you have a specific niche like gaming or art, those specific sections are probably most helpful in translating your hobby into engaging video content.

Important TikTok Pages for New Creators

While not every article on the Creator Portal is helpful to everyone, there are a few that everyone should see. These make TikTok a safer, more accessible, and fun platform.

The first is Making Your Videos More Accessible, detailing features you can use to make your videos accessible to those with disabilities.

The whole Community Guidelines and Safety section is also a must-read for keeping your content safe for all audiences. It is important to know what is permitted or not on the platform before you start posting.

Last, TikTok’s Crediting Creators page is helpful to staying fair on the platform. Since a lot of popular trends are on TikTok, it is good to know how to fairly participate in a trend by giving credit to the person who started it. We also have a guide on ways to give credit on TikTok.

Seeing Results From Your TikTok Content

The more you use the tips in the Creator Portal, the more likely you’ll start to see growth in engagement (likes, comments, followers, etc.) on your videos. Keep in mind that growing an audience on TikTok can take time and practice. Results may not be immediate and that is okay. Having people see and enjoy your videos, regardless of the quantity, will be rewarding.

It is also great to use the Creator Portal just to learn to make fun videos. If you are a more private person that just wants to make fun videos for you and your friends, TikTok is perfect for that too. There are instructional articles in the Portal to help you do that without a need for all the other stuff.

There are other methods for success on TikTok you should use as well in addition to the Creator Portal. These include following popular creators to see how they create great content, checking out popular videos on the For You Page, and using top tricks to earn more TikTok followers.

Having Fun on TikTok

The Portal is not meant to be a one-time tool, you can always refer back to it for more help and information as you grow and create more videos on the app. New articles also get added to the Creator Portal all the time, especially when TikTok releases new features, so check back for news regularly.

Now that you are using the Creator Portal, you can have more fun creating content on TikTok!

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