What Is TubeBuddy? How This Tool Can Help Grow Your YouTube Channel

Since its early days, YouTube has helped several creators build successful filmmaking careers. And among younger generations, being a YouTuber is one of the most desirable job aspirations. Growing a channel takes a lot of work, but you will find plenty of tools to help you.

One of the most popular solutions for growing a YouTube channel is TubeBuddy. You’ll gain access to several features using the platform and valuable insights that you might never have thought of.

What exactly is TubeBuddy? How does it work, and why should you consider using it? Let’s find out.

What Is TubeBuddy?

TubeBuddy is a browser extension. The company launched in December 2014 and aims to provide YouTubers with the tools they need to grow their channels. You can research specific topic ideas with the platform and optimize your content appropriately once you’ve created the initial video.

At the time of writing in August 2022, millions of YouTubers use TubeBuddy. One example is The Food Ranger, who has well over five million subscribers.

How Much Does TubeBuddy Cost?

TubeBuddy has multiple pricing tiers. At the most basic level, you can use the free version. This edition gives you access to tag rankings, and you can also use the keyword and search explorer tools in a limited capacity. If you want to perform free keyword research for YouTube, it’s a viable option.

For YouTubers who want more tools to grow their channel, one of TubeBuddy’s paid pricing plans will probably work better. TubeBuddy Standard is the cheapest paid subscription, which costs $4.99 per month. With TubeBuddy Standard, you can generate thumbnails and plan video topics—plus more.

Enhanced is the next tier up, and it costs $9.49 per month. You can add end screen templates, gain access to an SEO studio, and enjoy various other features.

Ultimate is the most expensive pricing tier. For $24.49 per month, you can bulk copy cards, publish on Facebook, and more.

If you have under 1,000 subscribers, you can get a discount on annual plans.

What Can You Do With TubeBuddy?

Now that you know what TubeBuddy is and how much it costs, let’s look at the platform’s best features. Below are a selection of the must-tries to help grow your YouTube channel.

1. Auto-Translation

When you start a YouTube channel, you might have a big ambition to reach people in multiple countries. And once you begin gaining traction, you might find that translating your content into other languages is the best way to do this.

TubeBuddy has an auto-translate tool that lets you do this for your descriptions and titles without requiring much effort. As such, you’ll reach a much bigger audience than if you remained monolingual.

2. Research Topic Keywords

YouTube’s search engine works similarly to Google; the only difference is you’re looking exclusively for videos. Using the right keywords is essential for breaking through the noise, and TubeBuddy has various tools to help you in this respect.

You can track multiple keywords if you purchase a higher license than the Standard version. You will find it much easier to optimize your content accordingly, which—in turn—will give you more attention.

TubeBuddy also offers keyword ranking reports to help you visualize all of this data better.

3. Split Test Your Video Content

In your early days as a YouTuber, you shouldn’t think too much about monetization. Instead, your primary objective is to figure out what does and doesn’t work for you. A/B testing your content is arguably the best way to do this.

TubeBuddy has various tools to help you split test your content’s optimization before uploading it. You can use the tool to determine which titles would work best and ensure that your description is ideal. You can choose to run metadata tests and thumbnail clickthrough rate (CTR) tests.

At some point, monetization will become important, so read our guide on the best YouTube monetization strategies.

4. Generate Thumbnails

If you want people to click on your video, you must create a thumbnail that will captivate their attention. Canva can help you make things like thumbnails. However, you can also use TubeBuddy to help you out if you’re short on time.

TubeBuddy’s thumbnail generator allows you to create matching visuals for your videos. You can add text, emojis, images, and shapes. The app also lets you use different templates and save any that you particularly like for easy future access.

5. Channel Health Reports

Once you’ve consistently posted on YouTube for a few months, you’ll have a good idea of what you’re doing right. On top of that, you’ll be very clear on where you’ve got room for improvement. Knowing how your audience interacts with your videos is a crucial part of growth, and TubeBuddy can help you do that.

When you use TubeBuddy, you can access channel health reports. You’ll gain an overview of your traffic sources, along with finding videos related to the topics you talk about. Moreover, you’ll see what your engagement rate is—plus your average view duration, and more.

6. Get Discounts on Other Tools for Your Channel

A lot of work goes into creating YouTube videos, and many creators use a large suite of tools to help them out. In addition to looking at your channel analytics, you’ll also need to consider the sound effects and music you include in your videos. Moreover, you’ll have to consider adding B-roll and other things.

When you purchase a TubeBuddy subscription, you will receive discounts for various other third-party tools. For example, you can save money when purchasing a plan for royalty-free music platforms.

TubeBuddy also gives paying members access to its mobile app, which would otherwise cost $2.99 per month.

If you’re looking to build a successful YouTube channel in the long run, you’ll need to act like a full-time creator straight away. Part of that means that you will have to invest in the right tools to help you improve with each video you upload.

TubeBuddy is an affordable solution for YouTube growth, and you can access several helpful insights. It’s also an excellent SEO tool, enabling you to rank higher. Moreover, its plans are scalable—meaning you can upgrade as your channel grows.

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