What Movies and TV Shows Are Leaving Netflix? 7 Ways to Find Out

Finding out what to watch on Netflix is hard enough. But it’s an utter nightmare to settle on a feature only to find out it’s about to leave the platform. Maybe if it’s a movie, it won’t be such a big deal to binge it before the deadline hits. But shows are a different story.

If you’d rather spare yourself the rush to binge a title in its entirety before it leaves, here are some ways you to find out if a movie or show is about to leave Netflix.

1. Take Note of My List

Netflix allows you to curate a List of titles you’re interested in viewing. You can add movies and shows to your list, and there are only two reasons why something added to your list disappears—either you removed it yourself, or the title is no longer available on Netflix. A third possibility includes geographical restrictions, as some titles are available in specific countries.

By adding flicks to Netflix’s My List, you can find out which titles will leave soon. That’s because, once added, Netflix arranges them in a particular order. It automatically brings what it considers the most relevant flicks to the front of the line.

That means features that are the most recent additions take priority along with ones set to expire soon. Also, if a show’s new season drops, it jumps the line and goes to the front.

My List is an easy way to track which titles are in danger of expiring soon. Given that you can add up to 2000 titles on a single profile, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t take advantage of the feature.

2. Movie Details Tell All

You can clearly see if a title is leaving soon by looking at its Details.

Browsing Netflix’s extensive catalog, you’ll notice a Details section attached to all of its features. If you find the perfect movie or show to stream, you can read about it before hitting play—synopsis, cast, duration, and if it’s leaving soon. So, take a look and figure out if you have enough time to consume the content before it leaves Netflix.

3. Be Mindful of Netflix Alerts

As soon as you hit play on the feature of your choice, you’ll get an alert. Netflix will show you if it’s leaving in the near future, so you know to watch it sooner rather than later.

When you settle on a particular title, take note if Netflix throws an alert your way. That way, you won’t miss out on finishing a show or a movie after you’ve started it.

4. Google Can Be a Helpful Resource

If all else fails, you can always turn to Google. Countless websites have dedicated articles listing all the titles on Netflix that are about to expire.

All you have to do is open the search engine and type ”shows and movies leaving Netflix in [month of your choice].” It’s a guarantee that you’ll see at least several articles as the top results that feature all the movies and TV series about to expire that month.

What’s on Netflix is an independent Netflix fansite that holds all information related to the streaming service.

By browsing the platform, you can find out which titles are coming soon or have just come out. There’s also a category of top 10 lists, a catalog of Netflix originals worth watching, and so much more you can dive into on the site. And, of course, you can also discover what’s about to leave the service.

What’s on Netflix offers a dedicated Leaving Soon section that includes all the movies and shows about to expire. And it’s not only limited to information on titles leaving the US library, but also includes the ones in the UK, Australia, and Canada.

It’s an excellent platform for finding out all manner of Netflix news and keeping track of its ever-rotating library.

Flixable is considered a search engine for the most popular streaming services. So, it’s not a Netflix-only dedicated platform as it holds titles from other streaming services, including Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, Hulu, and Disney+, so it’ll be easier to determine the best streaming service for you.

You can search the platform for the newest titles available to view on either of the streaming services listed above. You can also narrow your search by using its handy filters, like selecting a genre and audio, among others. The best part about Flixable is that it has a dedicated Leaving section for Netflix features.

Its dedicated Movies and TV Shows Leaving Netflix category lets you know which flicks are about to expire. And they’re listed from closest to furthest and offer up the feature’s name, release year, and rating. Flixable is an easy way to keep track of titles about to leave Netflix.

Social media is ever-present in everyone’s lives, and it follows us pretty much at all times. So, naturally, businesses love taking advantage of that by creating accounts on every app available. But who’s to say we can’t take advantage of that too?

If you follow Netflix on Twitter, you can keep up with all announcements about its catalog. You’ll learn of upcoming features, catch trailers, and heed announcements about certain titles leaving soon.

Following the platform online is awesome since you can manage the notifications you receive, so they don’t get too out of hand and become annoying. But you’ll keep up with the streaming service’s latest announcements all the same.

If you’re not a Twitter user (or fan), Netflix also has accounts on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and even Pinterest.

Netflix Offers More Than Just Movies and TV Shows

There are so many streaming services available to consume that it makes you wonder which ones are actually worth the subscription. When faced with that question, people often agree that Netflix is among the ones worth the monthly bill. But is it?

Though the streaming service regularly presents original content and holds the rights to several highly anticipated shows that keep its subscribers hooked, that hasn’t stopped it from bleeding subscribers.

In an attempt to turn the tide, Netflix has decided to expand beyond movies and shows. And it dipped its toe into the gaming industry by introducing games. Will that do the trick and help it maintain the number one spot for subscribers? Only time will tell.

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