What Printers Are Compatible With Chromebooks?

Chromebooks are different than traditional laptops and desktops. When it comes to printing, it always helps to know your available options.

With more work getting done remotely these days, it seems that printers aren’t as necessary as they used to be. Still, there are times when you need to print something, such as a government form or some other important document.

If you use a Chromebook, you might wonder what printers will work with your device and how to set up a printer on your Chromebook. Here’s everything you need to know about Chromebook-compatible printers and how to use them.

“Works With Chromebook”-Certified Printers

If you’re really concerned about finding a printer that will work with your Chromebook, there are a number of printers on the market that Google has certified as “Works with Chromebook.”

There is a handful of printers from Brother, HP, and Canon, and these are laser printers aimed at the business market. This might just reflect that enterprise companies still rely on actually printing things.

Most Printers Will Likely Work With Your Chromebook

With the demise of Google Cloud Print, Chromebooks can use standard printers over Wi-Fi and USB. Chromebooks have the drivers built in to handle printers from most major manufacturers. This means you can use almost any printer, and it’ll be Chromebook compatible, as long as it uses these methods. Chrome OS doesn’t support Bluetooth printing. however.

Setting Up a Chromebook Printer

It’s easy to set up a printer on your Chromebook. Open Settings, click Advanced, then click Print and scan. It really says something about modern technology that some people consider adding a printer to be “advanced.”

Next, click Printers. Your Chromebook should automatically detect any network printers or printers attached to your USB ports. All you’ll have to do is click Save next to the name of the printer.

If your printer doesn’t show up, you can add it manually. To do this, click the “+” icon superimposed on the printer icon next to Add printer under the Add printers to your profile section. You’ll be able to add any Wi-Fi printers on your network, plug in a USB cable, and set up your printer.

You may need to find the IP address of a network printer, or ask an IT person if it’s in an office. Now you’ll be able to print from your Chromebook.

It’s Easy to Connect a Printer to Your Chromebook

While you can buy a new printer that’s Google-certified for your Chromebook, many regular network and wired USB printers will work with your device out of the box. All you have to do is add them through the settings menu.

Chromebook isn’t the only Linux-based alternative computing platform that’s out there. With a Raspberry Pi, you can turn any printer into a network printer that can print from any Wi-Fi-equipped device.

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