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Why Podcast Addict Is the Best Podcast Player Available

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In recent years, podcasts have become more popular than ever. There are thousands, if not millions, of podcasts on any topic imaginable, from comedy to true crime, celebrity interviews, and more.

Sometimes it’s hard to know what you already listened to, what new episodes are out, and what new shows you should check out. We’re here to tell you that Podcast Addict is the Android app to help you with all of that and more. Here are the reasons Podcast Addict is the best app.

1. Offline Listening Made Simple

Many people like to listen to podcasts while they are on the go. Whether it’s during their morning run, at a grocery shop, or on the train to work, a good podcast can make the time fly by.

However, if you only stream your podcasts when you’re out and about, you run the risk of going over your monthly data allowance. In addition, places like the subway don’t get any reception. Nothing is more annoying than losing connection right as the show reaches the big reveal.

Podcast Addict has a convenient download button next to each episode, so you can add them to your library. Furthermore, all the downloads are located in one tab, so you can pick and choose what you want to listen to next.

To ensure you’re not using up too much space, you can set the app to automatically delete episodes you’ve already listened to. And you can also set the app to download any new episode automatically (over Wi-Fi) to ensure your podcasts are always available on the go.

2. Podcast Addict Helps You Discover New Podcasts

For those who are always on the lookout for new shows, you’re probably familiar with various podcast discovery apps. However, Podcast Addict has got you covered in this matter. The + button at the top of the home screen leads you to the New Podcasts tab. There, you can find trending and new shows or search by categories.

One of the best features is the option to search by podcast length. So it’s easy to find the right episode when you want something that will keep you occupied during a 30-minute commute or a two-hour hike.

If you scroll to the top bar, you can also find suggestions made especially for you. Much like other listening platforms, the app looks at what you’ve liked in the past and makes suggestions accordingly.

Similar to Netflix, you can also find recommendations in the You may also like section. At the bottom of each podcast, there are suggestions for other shows you might want to listen to.

3. Podcast Addict Offers Many Automation and Customization Features

As we already mentioned, you can download and erase episodes automatically to your heart’s desire. However, there are many more automation options available. For instance, you can get the app to refresh your feed at a specific hour or automatically add new downloads to your playlist.

As if that wasn’t enough, you can also customize the settings individually. For example, you can make it, so only three podcasts are downloaded automatically if you want. Each podcast has custom settings to allow for specific features.

Want your favorite podcasts to be featured at the top of the home page? You can do that as well. In the settings, you can set a priority for each podcast to determine the order.

For a podcast that’s your absolute favorite, you can even add a shortcut on your phone home screen. This means that once you press it, the app will open in the podcast’s feed. The options are truly endless.

4. Audio Controls and Effects

Do you like falling asleep listening to your favorite show? Apps like Deezer let you set up a Sleep Timer, and Podcast Addict is no different. But, on top of the length of the timer, you can ask Podcast Addict to stop at the end of an episode. You can also set an alarm to wake up to your playlist on the app.

As for the audio effects, you can ask the app to skip silence, amplify audio for certain shows, or even play at a faster speed.

5. You Can Back Up All Your Data

Podcast Addict is not a cloud listening platform like the best music streaming services. However, anything you do on your account can be saved and backed up to your Google Drive. So if you happen to change phones, your device gets stolen, or it malfunctions in any way, you can still restore all your data.

This means that not only will your subscriptions be salvageable, but also your playlist, listening progress, and even all the customizations you made to the app and each podcast.

6. Podcast Addict Offers Other Fun Features

The features of this app are endless, and there is always more to discover. For instance, for easy access, you can add the Sleep Timer as a widget on your home screen. You can write reviews directly in the app or read other people’s reviews. You can even add a transcript if it’s something that the creator enabled.

Another fun feature is the statistics. In this tab, you can see how many hours you’ve listened to, divided by day, week, month, and year. You can also check out your top podcasts by total listening time. It’s like viewing your old Spotify Wrapped playlists whenever you want.

All of This, and More, for Free

Can you believe you can get this great app and all its features for free? Sure, there is an ad that runs at the bottom of the screen. But it’s so small and inoffensive; you’ll hardly see it’s there.

If you truly love the app, you can choose to pay for a premium version. This will remove the ad and give you additional features. But with the amount of customization the free version provides, there is no need. You can easily see what makes this app the best for podcasts on the market.

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