With CNN+ No More, You Can Watch CNN Originals on Discovery+

Boasting over 24 million subscribers, Discovery+ is showing no signs of slowing down. The quick demise of CNN+ is Discovery+’s gain as the latter absorbs the former’s content. A CNN hub is coming to Discovery’s streaming platform in August 2022.

The CNN Hub Brings CNN Content to Discovery+

Discovery+ is known for offering a substantial content range with its channel hubs. It currently features 24 hubs with networks including TLC, HGTV, Lifetime, and The Food Network. These hubs offer extensive content for each of the networks in one easy-to-find place.

As revealed in a CNN press release, on August 19, 2022; a CNN hub will be added to the list.This new addition will place travel shows like Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown alongside shows from the Magnolia Network and TLCs 90-Day Fiance.

While CNN+ only lasted a month due to the WarnerMedia-Discovery merger, it was full of great content that will now become available on Discovery+. The new CNN hub will bolster Discovery+ with CNN reality programming favorites, CNN original films, and HLN programming.

What Is Discovery+?

Discovery+ is a streaming platform available in over 50 languages and 220 countries. It is known for offering a wide array of travel, paranormal, and reality show content. It also boasts its own original content.

With the addition of the CNN hub, Discovery+ subscribers will be able to enjoy new shows such as This Is Life with Lisa Ling and Stanley Tucci: Searching for Italy. The CNN hub will also host HLN originals, including fan favorites, Very Scary People and How it Really Happened.

Welcoming the addition of CNN content to Discovery+, Chris Licht, Chairman & CEO of CNN, said:

We’re thrilled to expand the reach of CNN and HLN’s powerful nonfiction programming to subscribers of discovery+. Our original series have an unrivaled ability to introduce and immerse audiences in stories of the people, places and cultures that make this world so fantastic and, at times, frightening. By offering our programming through discovery+, more people can explore and experience CNN’s premium content.

Overall, the CNN hub addition will provide over 800 new episodes of content, including Emmy award-winning programming such as The History of the Sitcom.

How to Watch CNN Originals on Discovery+

The new CNN channel hub will become available to stream through Discovery+ in August 2022. To gain access to this content, a subscription is necessary.

Discovery+ offers two subscription plan options. The first is $4.99/month and allows access to all content on the platform with advertisements. The second option is similar but offers an ad-free experience. This plan is priced at $6.99/month.

These prices are excellent news for those who originally subscribed to CNN+ at the higher price of $6/month with advertisements. In the future, subscribers will have the opportunity to access this content, along with Discovery’s extensive lineup, for as low as $4.99/month.

The new CNN hub will be located alongside other channel hubs on the Discovery+ main page. To view all content related to a specific channel, such as CNN, simply select the corresponding circular hub icon.

You will also be able to find individual CNN original content interspersed throughout the featured lists once you scroll down past the channel hub icons.

Should You Subscribe to Discovery+?

By adding CNN to its lineup of channel hubs, Discovery+ will become an even larger streaming platform. It is important to note that it is also rumored that HBO Max content may also eventually appear on Discovery’s streaming platform.

This is all due to the WarnerMedia-Discovery merger which is shaping up to make Discovery+ a formidable streaming platform available at a reasonable price.

Discovery+ subscribers will be gaining many new shows and films from the service’s absorption of CNN content previously available on CNN+. With everything new coming to the platform, it is a great time to test out Discovery+ with a free seven-day trial.

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