6 Elegant Tile Trends to Inspire a Home Refresh

Whether it’s on a kitchen backsplash, fireplace mosaic, shower wall, or new flooring, the right tile design has the power to completely transform a space. And with an endless amount of shapes, patterns, and materials on the market, there’s something to suit every style.

To provide inspiration for a home makeover, the experts at The Tile Shop identified six must-try tile trends showcased in their newest collections. These looks feature everything from organic shapes to ultra-modern, sculptural forms—which means there’s one (or more) that will fit into your current decor, or bring a bold new aesthetic to your home.

Trend 1: Nature-Inspired

The Tile Shop

Decor that takes its cues from the great outdoors helps ground and rejuvenate any space—just look at these botanicals, florals, and wave-like options. “I think a big after-effect of COVID-19 was a desire to bring more outdoor elements into the home, and tile is a great medium to do that with,” says Kirsty Froelich, director of design for The Tile Shop.

Leafy greens invigorate a space, floral patterns in shades of gray are elegant and unexpected, and botanicals in soft blues create a sense of calm.

Morris & Co. Pure Net Black Ink
Morris & Co. Pure Net Black Ink
For a traditional-with-a-twist look, this intricate floral tile is an homage to classic 19th-century wallpaper designs, reimagined in neutral hues for a modern spin.
Amazonia Emerald Tropic
In luscious green tones reminiscent of a watercolor painting, this tile adds a burst of color without overwhelming its surroundings. The granular glaze creates pockets of shine across the surface, giving it a slightly weathered look.
Annie Selke Flora Vapor Blue
Annie Selke Flora Vapor Blue
This subtle botanical pattern, with white fern leaves set against a soft, blue-grey background, will transform your bathroom into a serene oasis.

Trend 2: Artisanal Style

pink zellige the tile shop
The Tile Shop

Skip the cookie-cutter designs and opt for unexpected textures and finishes that give each tile a handmade, one-of-a-kind look. The soft color variations, subtle shine, and rippling surfaces in these collections add dimension and sophistication to your space. A great way to get the look is with ceramic zellige tiles. The The Tile Shop offers an assortment that are hand molded and glazed by Moroccan artisans in a variety of shapes including squares, Chabone stars, and crosses.

Look Avio
The varied color and uneven surface of this deep blue-green tile create a handcrafted appearance that makes it an eye-catching enhancement to your kitchen or bathroom. Its captivating deep ocean hue contrasts beautifully with muted tones, and the polished finish offers just the right amount of shine.
Design and photo by I SPY DIY
Riad White
The Riad White tile, with its rich blend of creamy tones and subtle surface variations, mimics the look of traditional handmade zellige.
Design by Timber Trails Development Company
Photo by John & Maura Stoffer
Splendours Cream
This design blends subway tile shape with a perfectly imperfect texture. The wave-like ripples and soft pink undertones beneath the polished, light-reflecting surface give it a handmade look.

Trend 3: Neutral Hues

tile shop
John & Maura Stoffer | Design by Timber Trails Development Company

Creamy whites, soft taupes, warm beiges, and rich browns create a calming vibe and go with just about everything. But a neutral palette doesn’t mean skimping on texture and dimension—just look at these inspired tiles.

Annie Selke Goldleaf Speckle
Annie Selke Goldleaf Speckle
With metallic, mirrored gold splatters on a cowhide-look surface, this tile commands attention. And if warm, gold accents are not your thing? It’s also available in Silverleaf for cooler color schemes.
Design by Annie Selke
Sampson Mosaic
Sampson Mosaic
Credit: Stoffer Photography
The gray and white tones of this mosaic marble tile let its textured basketweave design take center stage. Its geometric pattern adds interest on the patio, in the kitchen, or anywhere a statement wall would be welcome.
Design by Timber Trails Development
Photo by John & Maura Stoffer
Arctic White Brushed Marble
Arctic White Brushed Marble
Great for flooring, this ivory tile is made from rare Turkish marble sourced from a single quarry. The naturally occurring veining brings gentle movement and softness to your surroundings.
Design by Annie Selkie

Trend 4: 3D Tile

folhas quartzo ac tile shop
The Tile Shop

Sculptural tiles not only add dynamic texture, they can infuse a space with an artistic, creative sensibility. These raised, tactile patterns—ranging from bold geometrics to gentle waves—add depth and complexity, creating an entirely new surface for your walls. Sculptural gems that beg to be touched, these tiles are true statement-makers.

Cube Gold AC
By fusing geometry with high-gloss metallic design elements, this ceramic wall tile creates a 3D, textured illusion that replicates embroidery.
Design by construction2style
Photo by Chelsie Lopez
Folhas Quartzo AC
The texture of this pure white tile imitates the gentle motion of leaves blowing in the wind, adding carefree, contemporary elegance to any wall.
Yara Metal Silver Hex
For a truly multi-faceted look, these hexagonal porcelain wall tiles feature dramatic, 3D geometric patterns made with a silver metallic finish. The intentionally uneven edge energizes and emboldens floor-to-ceiling statement walls.

Trend 5: Organic Shapes

tile shop hex penny
The Tile Shop

Good design often mirrors the best of nature, and these tiles are no exception. Organic, circular shapes—think curved lines, rounded edges, and arced details—add softness, while bright sunbursts and floral motifs bring beauty to any space.

Elaizig Hex
Inspired by cement tiles, the Elaizig Hex porcelain versions feature a symmetrical sunburst. The design is impactful and the matte finish and non-slip surface make it ideal for high-traffic floors.
Portsea Grey
Intersecting half moons in shades of gray give this tile a neutral but playful look. You can arrange the shapes as you want, creating your own one-of-a-kind design pattern.
Laura Ashley Sunflower
While the pale blue and white colors are subtle and sophisticated, the sunflower pattern radiates fresh, whimsical energy. For a higher contrast look, opt for the white and charcoal colorway.

Trend 6: Mix and Match

tile shop custom patterns
Stoffer Photography | Design by Timber Trails Development Company

Switch up the tiles to create a brand new design that’s all your own. Whether you’re using subway tiles, squares, or penny rounds, creating your own pattern is easier than you may think. The first step is embracing your vision.

Hex Polka Dot
Create a polka dotted bathroom floor with Black Marquina Polished Hex and Firenze Hex tiles made from coveted Carrara marble. Or, try round geometric shapes for maximum adaptability and versatility.
Green Floral
Neutral Stripes

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