Farrow & Ball Adds 11 Soothing New Colors to Its Lineup

Farrow & Ball has been busy lately, launching high-profile collaborations with the likes of Liberty and interior designer Kelly Wearstler. Now the storied British paint manufacturer has added 11 new colors to its palette—ranging from a light green called Whirlybird to Bamboozle, a flame-red terra-cotta. Those ready to dive in can mark their calendars for September 29 when these new additions, the first change to Farrow & Ball’s lineup since 2018, go live.

The interior design landscape has changed dramatically over the last four years, something Farrow & Ball took into account when approaching these new hues. “Post lockdown we wanted to create some colors that were relaxing but also sort of refreshing,” says Joa Studholme, the brand’s color curator. “It’s all about choice and ease.”

Bamboozle is one of the moodier, bolder hues in the new collection.
Courtesy of Farrow & Ball

Another goal was to create hues that filled gaps in its current, 132-color range. Take Hopper Head, a charcoal shade that sits squarely between preexisting favorites Railings and Down Pipe. Not only does the launch round out Farrow & Ball’s offerings, but it also helps consumers more easily find colors that will pair well together.

a kitchen with green walls and a green cabinet

Whirlybird, a pale green, creates a light and fresh kitchen space.
Courtesy of Farrow & Ball

Of course, since this is Farrow & Ball after all, each color’s name is both creative and irreverent. Whirlybird, a lively pale green, is named for twirling helicopter plants; Stirabout, a neutral that will likely become a favorite of the collection for its versatility, comes from a type of Irish porridge.

a living area with chairs and a fireplace

Tailor Tack brightens up the living room.
Courtesy of Farrow & Ball

Other new introductions include Eddy, another pale green; Tailor Tack, a very light pink; Selvedge, a blue reminiscent of denim; Templeton Pink, a neutral inspired by Winston Churchill’s one-time mansion; and Kittiwake, a cool blue that evokes the feeling of the British coast. Wine Dark, meanwhile, is one of the moodier hues in the collection, and immediately makes a space feel more intimate.

a bedroom with a red bed and dark gray walls

Wine Dark creates a cozy feeling in the bedroom.
Courtesy of Farrow & Ball

Need some ideas of where to begin? Studholme has already experimented with the new lineup in her own home, coating a bookcase in the punchy new Bamboozle and giving her window trim a pop of color with the forest-green Beverly. “I painted a unit in my kitchen with Selvedge this morning,” she says — the ultimate endorsement.

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