Kelly Wearstler Launched a Marble Furniture Line with Arca in Miami

For her debut at Art Miami 2022, the Los Angeles–based design superstar Kelly Wearstler stuck with one of the materials she knows best: marble. Partnering with Arca, which is based in Mexico City and is one of the world’s leading suppliers of natural stone and engineered wood flooring, she crafted a soft, curvy collection of furniture called Nudo, focusing on chain links and knots. In a time of increasingly polarized politics and technological isolation, Wearstler wanted her collection to symbolize unity and what binds us together.

The designer worked with Arca CEO José Fernández to source each stone herself, pulling from quarries all over the world, including rare, colorful specimens such as Calcite Blue and Roja Alicante. Each piece of furniture in the collection was sculpted out of a solid block. Because of the interlocking shapes Wearstler chose, special attention was paid to ensure that each could support the heavy weight of the stone.

L.A.-based designer Kelly Wearstler poses with pieces from her new collection, Nudo, at the Arca exhibit in Miami.
Alejandro Ramirez Orozco

The resulting 16 pieces of furniture and six accessories range from benches and consoles to plates and vases. Each work of art seemingly defies gravity with circular, interlacing shapes and showcases the beauty of natural stone in a surprising new way.

Available now through Kelly Wearstler and Grupo Arca, this limited-edition collection can go outdoors or indoors, depending on your preference. As usual, Wearstler stood out in a playing field of visual, artistic giants with a collection that merges nature and human technology.

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