Nina Magon Creates a New Line of Dreamy Surfaces with Cosentino

Interior designer Nina Magon first discovered Dekton, Cosentino’s ultradurable, ultracompact surface line, back in 2016. The project was a restaurant in a Saks Fifth Avenue store in Houston, so all the materials and furnishings had to stand up to regular wear-and-tear. She’s used the materials in almost all of her projects since then, a partnership that’s culminated in her recently launched Dekton line, a dreamy collection of eight slabs dubbed Onirika.

Somnia makes a statement on living room walls.
Courtesy of Cosentino

The goal for Magon was to create a series that had the beauty of natural stone but with the scratch-proof, heat-proof, and stain-resistant qualities consumers have come to expect from Dekton surfaces. “The team at Cosentino played a big part because they know what the market is looking for,” she tells ELLE DECOR of the creative process. “We knew we wanted a black, we wanted something with heavy veining, and we wanted to introduce colors.”

an outdoor kitchen setup with stone counters

Daze from the Onirika line in an outdoor setting.
Courtesy of Cosentino

The result is striking slabs that look like marble but are virtually bulletproof. Bolder options include Somnia, a black surface, and Awake, which has orange veins. Among Magon’s favorites is Neural, as its fine pale veins will fit in many different environments. “I can envision how I would use it on floors, countertops, and walls—everything is that same solid stone color,” she says. “Then we bring in a warm wood, and that’s it. Super simple.”

a kitchen with stone countertops

Morpheus creates a soothing mood in the kitchen.
Courtesy of Cosentino

Other offerings include Trance, which has subtle gray tones; Vigil, a slab that emulates the look of Calacatta marble; and Lucid, an option that looks similar to Carrera and pairs well with woods and grays.

a pool area with white stone walls and floors

A pool area decked out with the Neural slab.
Courtesy of Cosentino

So what’s in the name? Onirika loosely translates to “dream,” an idea at the core of Magon and Cosentino’s collaboration. “We wanted to do something that is unimaginable,” she says. “It’s a dream to make a product that looks like marble and feels like marble…but no scratching or staining!”

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