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Soho House Is Launching a Paint Palette

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There’s a reason the exclusive members club Soho House holds card-carrying clout. Sure, its 27 outposts are strategically placed in the world’s most hopping cities; of course, it attracts a handpicked crowd of rising elites (plucked from a 40,000-strong waitlist) in each hub’s creative milieu; and obviously, its famed rooftop pools are a delightful bonus. But there’s one more particularly noteworthy perk: Soho Houses are insanely beautiful. Whether it’s the hand-painted botanical wallpaper in the club’s Somerset manor, the whitewashed parapets of the coastal Mykonos retreat, or the larger-than-life earth-tone combinations that accentuate the sock factory turned studio partitions in Nashville—each house features some unexpectedly luscious pop of color that is the envy of every tastemaker. And now, finally, you can brighten up your space with the exact hues.

Soho House has teamed up with cult-favorite home decor brand Lick for an exclusive edit of eight colors—the exact hues that enliven eight Soho Houses across the world. “The secret is out of the bag,” says Soho House lead designer Harriet Liley. “So many people ask us how to replicate our look, so we decided to take out the guesswork and give people access to our most requested interior colors.”

Courtesy Lick x Soho House

The luxury brand collaborated with Lick’s color psychologist Tash Bradley, who spent six months combining different pigments to arrive at the right color. “It took me hundreds of mixes to get it right,” says Bradley. “It either didn’t have the right balance of yellow to give it that energy or lacked the proper cool tones to give it the richness I was aiming for.”

The result is eight rich jewel tones that range from creamy beiges to smoky blues to earthy pinks—all of which possess a heavy black undertone that adds dimension and warmth. “I call it shoulder-dropping,” Bradley says. “As soon as you walk in a room, these grounding colors make you feel that you’re home again.”

lick soho house

Beige 02 Soho Farmhouse is a rustic, soft neutral that “feels like linen on the walls,” Bradley says. Green 05 Soho House Rome is a relaxed, enticing green that is begging to be complemented by natural wood tones. Pink 13 Nashville House is a soft, swaddling shade that Bradley calls “the color of cuddles.”

When it comes to paint, the sky (or rather, the ceiling) is the limit. Liley suggests pairing the colors in a neutral on neutral on neutral, allowing statement furnishings and artwork to have their moment and bringing in a darker color to anchor the room. “I also love to add the bolder colors to the inside of cabinets for a surprising color reveal,” Liley says. Of course, you can’t go wrong with a dramatic, no-holds-barred dark wall. And if you’re nervous to go all in, paint your wainscoting for a chic color-block effect.

courtesy lick x soho house
Courtesy Lick x Soho House

Ready to get rolling? The colors are available for online purchase at $70 per gallon at and

Rachel Silva, the Assistant Digital Editor at ELLE DECOR, covers design, architecture, trends, and anything to do with haute couture. She has previously written for Time, The Wall Street Journal, and Citywire.

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