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The Floral Wallpaper Trend We’re Seeing Everywhere

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Looking to update your four walls? Florals are always a safe, timeless option—and one in particular has been crossing our desk more than usual lately: Nasturtium, a bright, whimsical print from wallpaper and textile manufacturer Lake August.

Like much of the brand’s ouevre, Nasturtium takes inspiration from the natural world, in particular the flora and fauna of founder Alexis Hartman’s native California. This particular print is an offshoot of another in the Lake August lineup, Agave Americana, which combines delicate vines with chunkier leaves.

Nasturtium blends colorful florals with a sense of lighthearted whimsy.
Courtesy of HubbaHubba

Nasturtium takes its name from the flower genus, which includes about 80 species altogether. In Lake August’s world, the petals come in a range of different colors: Sky, which features a pale blue and pink palette; Bigleaf, a mix of greens and yellows; Meadow, a pairing of bright pink and emerald green and Del Mar, a blend of deep blues and oranges.

Nasturtium | Meadow
Nasturtium | Meadow

So what about this particular print has captured the design world imagination? “It’s a highly versatile pattern,” says Heide Hendricks of ELLE Decor A-List interior design firm Hendricks Churchill. “It’s rhythmic scrolling pattern enlivens a room, but its higher ratio of negative space prevents it from overwhelming it.” In one instance, Hendricks implemented the whimsical pattern in a guest bedroom for a family home in Connecticut, pairing the lighthearted backdrop with a green velvet chair and heirloom furniture.

two floral wallpapers

The Bigleaf and Del Mar color options of Nasturtium.
Courtesy of Lake August

We’ve spotted it in projects by other interior designers too, from Heidi Caillier to Peter Dunham. After all, there’s something about a breezy, natural look that just never goes out of style. “There’s an organic nature that feels fresh and vibrant,” adds Caillier. “So many florals can feel tight or clustered, and this one feels a bit loose.” And, might we add, perfectly fancy-free.

Helena Madden is ELLE DECOR’s associate market editor, and covers all things product and trend, from flatware and furnishings to kitchen and bath. She previously worked as a staff writer at Robb Report, where she covered luxury news with a focus on interior design.

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