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Beyoncé’s Renaissance: A Track by Track Breakdown

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Beyonce turns up the heat on “Virgo’s Groove,” a funky, disco-infused siren song that gets its namesake from her astrological sign. Her light, lilting vocals tempt her lover to come closer and spend a night together as she sensually sings, “Baby come over / come be alone with me tonight / all these emotions / it’s washing over me tonight.”
10. “MOVE” [ft. Grace Jones and Tems]
Move out the way! Queen Bey, Grace Jones and Tems did not come to play on the bombastic, reggaeton power anthem “Move.” The unstoppable trio commandeer the track from the moment they step foot in the club, boldly declaring “I’m with my girls and we all need space / when the queen come through part like the Red Sea.”
11. “HEATED” 
“Heated” is all about the importance of knowing one’s worth—both romantically and financially. The slow-grooving track sees Beyonce at odds with a man who is “testing her patience” and wasting her time, noting, “Whole lotta texting with no conversations / playing victim and a villain at the same time.” While “Heated” could’ve been a simple, fiery diss track, Beyonce subverts expectations by keeping the first half of the song airy and unaffected before she really shares her true thoughts.

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