Couple Rescues Al Roker and Wife Deborah Roberts After Their Car Dies

No need for AAA here. 
Al Roker and wife Deborah Roberts revealed on Instagram that a few unfamiliar faces stepped in to lend a helping hand after their car died while they were at dinner.
“Friday finish. The kindness of strangers,” Deborah, an ABC News correspondent, wrote in an Aug. 13 post. “After a nice dinner…a bummer. The car battery was dead. What to do? I took a chance and approached a stranger for jumper cables.”
Deborah shared that could have been a bad situation was luckily turned around when “Phil and his sweet family came to the rescue.” She added, “No 5 mile walk for us tonight! Yay Phil. Thanks for the #kindness.”
In the snap, Al gives a thumbs up to the camera while the hood of his car is propped open. In the background, two strangers—presumably Phil and his family member—have a wide smile on their faces as they pose for the snap.

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