Get 2 Bottles of Tan-luxe Self-Tan Drops for Less Than the Price of 1

Get 2 Bottles of Tan-luxe Self-Tan Drops for Less Than the Price of 1

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If you’re not sure about shopping quite yet, check out these rave reviews.

Tan-Luxe The Body Duo Illuminating Self-Tan Drops Reviews

A shopper said, “This product is easy to use, and just a drop or 2 gives enough gradual color. Use with cream or lotion and blend well before applying the product. Wear it every other day until the desired results are achieved.”
Another reviewed, “Easy to use. Just put a few drops in with your body cream. It develops into a nice color.”
A fan of the product declared, “Most Awesome Self-Tanner. I am a red-head with freckles. I tan when out in the sun but I do not like to be out without sunscreen. I have used many self-tanners over the years. None compare to the gorgeous color from Tan-Luxe! I started with Light/medium but now use Medium/Dark. I like that I control the amount of color by the number of drops. I get just what I am looking for each time. My skin feels great because I use my lotion to mix it. I get so many compliments on my skin since I been using it. Love Tan-Luxe!”
An HSN customer said, “This is the first self-tanner drops I purchased and I am glad I started with the light-medium. I got a chance to give it a try and increase the drops I used in my moisturized without worry of how it would look on me. I LOVE the tan color. It is the most natural color I have ever found.”
Someone else wrote, “This is the best tanning method so easy, and goes on with no streaking I love that I can control how much of a golden tan I want. It is awesome. So glad I decided to give it a try. Use it with my favorite body lotion and like magic I have a Sunkissed body!!!”
“I’ve tried many self tanners and most tan my skin and make age spots even darker and more noticeable. This product is one of the few that gives me even color. I don’t know how it works, but now I’m tan but not spotted. Love it,” a shopper reviewed.
If you need some help taking off your self-tanner, here’s your guide to effective faux tan removal.

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