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Giannina Gibelli Gives Boyfriend Blake Horstmann a Blonde Makeover

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Giannina Gibelli made Blake Horstmann lighten up (literally).
Blake is rocking a new do’ and it’s all thanks to Giannina. As she explained on her Sept. 22 Instagram Stories, Blake lost a bet and therefore, his punishment was to go blonde.
So, how did Blake feel about the transformation? He declared in her Stories, “I’m a man of my word!”
Let it be known that Giannina was not the one to pick up the bleach. The two enlisted The Bachelor alum Elyse Dehlbom to get the job done and dye Blake’s hair. But Giannina did provide moral support!
“It’s gonna be great,” Giannina said to Blake as she filmed the process. “If not, we just shave it!”
While Blake admitted to being nervous over the change, the mood was as light as his hair. After all, he was seen in video footage popping a bottle of champagne during the process.

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